This just helps to make sure you get the most recent results that are more up to date and pertinent to your search. For example, your housing stipend is. I have been in contact with several companies. **Keep in mind, if you don't search first, your post may be missed by potential housing matches as not everyone will always see your post in the group! The other site that you may want to join is Furnished Finders – they specifically market to healthcare travelers. In general, there are two travel nurse housing options: the first is stipend pay, in this option you are given a stipend and you make your own arrangements for housing, the second is agency placement, which is when the agency you are working with finds housing … There are now oodles of resources! Stressful! that is priced right and acceptable condition within a limited time is quite stressful. However, if that does not work, I also turn to online forums for healthcare travelers to find housing. Hi, my name is Julia! Also, do your due diligence in the planning stages — read property reviews, research your new city, and ask questions. I personally don't have any experience with this but there are lovely Facebook support groups (just search travel nurse RV) who can help with all things RV for travel nurse. Here's a top few! Number 1, is it is a lot less stress and time consuming. You can take company provided housing or take the housing stipend and find your own housing. I am currently looking for a travel position. is designed to provide you with the tools necessary to locate and arrange temporary housing during your travel assignment. You may not fully understand the distance and traffic between work and home. It can be a challenge to find housing online. Oh the adventures of travel nursing! “ Hypertravelosis is a condition in which a person travels excessively and unpredictably. The Gypsy Nurse provides support, content, and a variety of resources to travel nurses, and will feature Travelers Haven as their preferred short-term housing provider. However,  in a nutshell it means you have claimed a residence somewhere where you regularly pay rent/mortgage. Airbnb is a website of people hosting out their houses, apartments, rooms, tree houses, boats, you name it, to guests. Some private housing, some shared spaces. Tax homes can get pretty complicated and for detailed information it is always best to consult a tax professional. If you chose to find your own housing  you may be thinking, “Now what, where do I find an apartment for 3 months?”. Nothing but SCAMS! Extra, extra, read all about it! . Our client in Salem, VA has travel nursing position for an RN with current MS experience.The ideal…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn. Just use good old google to search for the local real estate/rental companies. Some of these are more targeted to vacation rentals and thus can be on the expensive side. However, you would have no upfront housing costs and would not have to sign a lease, run a credit check or find housing yourself. Nothing like being a few steps away from the beach. I'd like to receive the free email course. tips for making your short-term housing feel like home! As I mentioned, this is definitely one of the most stressful parts of travel nursing. I think you are right to go with benefits first- especially health and moving stipend. For travel nurse housing services, rely on Transplant Housing. With long-distance travel off the cards for many of us this year, now is a good time to set our sights a bit closer to home. (Confused? Synopsis: Travel nurses are free spirits, going from one place to the next to share their knowledge and skills and help individuals in need. Find furnished housing now! This is a great place to find a short-term rental because the rooms rent like hotel rooms versus doing long-term contracts. First things first, there are two options for where to start as far as travel nurse housing goes. You can set your minimum stay time to a month or 2 months. I believe the majority of travel nurses end up finding their own housing. Location - city, state, which hospital you will be working at, Dates - Start date, contract length (13 weeks is the norm). San Diego, CA view properties. That gives you time to view listings in person versus trying to book something online without ever seeing it. Travel Nurse Housing: The Gypsy Nurse Gypsy Soul Travel Nurse Housing Options These groups and others have members that include landlords and travelers, so you can connect on both ends. When using these methods, especially internet sites, I highly recommend being very aware of scams and misrepresentations. However, there are definitely some pros for company provided travel nurse housing! I didn’t know that there are hotels that cater to long-term travelers. The Gypsy Nurse helps nurses find travel nurse jobs, evaluate agencies, locate housing, access online career resources, and connect with travel nursing friends and colleagues across multiple digital platforms. Gypsy Soul Travel Nurse Housing Options. The decor inside was a little 1980ish and the furniture was a little dilapidated, but I was right on the beach and had a gym and a pool! As you are maintaining this "tax home", the housing stipend is a TAX FREE subsidy (assuming you have claimed a tax home). If you are looking for shared housing, you also have to make sure the roommate situation will work. But it can also be a little fun! And most of the time you are doing this on the fly with only a few weeks notice. Located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. You have to find the right location, price, accommodations, pet friendliness, etc. . Would you be willing to share your top 3 (from your experience) in regards to these two topics ? Lastly, you can always check with local real estate/rental companies. Want to learn more about finding housing? To find out if a host will do a monthly rate or three-month rate, it is best to message them and ask. Travel Nursing: Places/Rooms for Rent. Travel Nurse Housing Tax Implications. If you do not answer the questions, membership will be denied. Travel Nurse Housing has 27 furnished rentals in Miami and 24 are available now. Unlike other housing sites, this site is specially designed for travel healthcare housing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks for this information! You can find my official nomination for you on my post at Want to check out the best places to live while on assignment? We hope to hear from you soon. Please try again. Your email address will not be published. Of note, some companies like to draw you in and advertise this as "free paid housing". You still receive a meals stipend (untaxed if you maintain a tax home) but is usually minimal when compare to the housing stipend. While living with a co-worker may not be your ideal, it is worth looking into. I would like to keep them rented to traveling professionals, but I am a bit leery of the short term rentals less than a month. Travelers can input their contract location and information on the site. Book Directly Without Fees. If the housing is not suitable its on you to fix it, Egypt Tours by Girls Love Travel: Part II, Day Trip to Key West: What to see in Key West, What I learned on the Front Lines of COVID 19. Save up to 40% off your next stay at Extended Stay America. So let's dive in! Travel Nurse Pay: What do You Really Make? Learn how your comment data is processed. Alright, let's talk resources. How do you find housing? Hi Rosemary! While this is more work on your end, it offers greater flexibility to determine where you live. Our mission is to simplify finding or listing furnished housing for traveling nurses. s Find Monthly Furnished Rentals! Hi! Copyright © 2020 The Traveling Traveler | Powered by The Traveling Traveler. Unfurnished rentals - Some nurses are ok with unfurnished rentals. Now, you need to figure out how to find find short-term housing? Search filters Affordable Houses, Rooms, Cottages, Apartments, and Condos for Travel Nurses and Other Professionals. Travel Nurse Housing is a totally free website for travel nurses to find short-term furnished housing (3 month average stay) and the leading site where landlords list their furnished property to find travel nurse tenants. These groups and others have members that include landlords and travelers, so you can connect on both ends. So by not accepting the housing stipend the company takes that money and pays for your housing. The Gypsy Nurse is the #1 travel nursing community in the industry, serving thousands of travel nurses daily. I recommend doing this first because you will be actively seeking out matching posts. The Gypsy Nurse is a job board and a blog but did you know they also have an area to help travel nurses find housing. Puppers. Short-term housing can be a significant challenge as a healthcare traveler. I actually highly recommend this as a first time travel nurse. Sometimes you can find some pretty amazing places and if you have the money, splurge for a great place!! It might be best to check with BBB Better Business Bureau to know the true feedback of Furnished Finders. By staying organized, I mean be sure to write down name, phone numbers, place description, post link, etc in an easily accessible location. Do your research. I came across Congrats Julia, I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award for all you’ve done to inspire me in my own blogging journey! This is also a superb option for the 1st week of your stay while you physically are in town to look at other options! The Travel Nurse Housing group was created to give those that are friends of The Gypsy Nurse a place to go to post Housing needs and Housing availability. I have two places that I just started renting to Traveling Nurses on Furnished Finder. Includes Mail Forwarding. About The Gypsy Nurse. I would say that finding housing is usually my top stressor in travel nursing aside from securing the job. Travel Nurse rooms for rent. Not only that but you have to trust that the photos online are an accurate representation of the place as you are not likely to be able to go across the country and look at these places. The Gypsy Nurse site is filled with great resources for the travel nurse and also offers a treatment plan for her coined term “hypertravelosis.” What is this you ask? **. Your email address will not be published. There are hotels that cater to long-term travelers and offer studios and even one bedroom units with kitchenettes. Not every landlord is going to list their place online. The Gypsy Nurse. It’s be dry helpful. Craigslist is a worldwide bulletin board of apartment ads and roommate searches. Just travel with an open mind and remember you are there only for a short time. The trick of finding your own housing is finding a fairly cheap place to live so that you can pocket the rest of the housing stipend and fund your amazing adventures you will have! The Gypsy Nurse is the #1 travel nursing community in the industry, serving thousands of travel nurses daily. Find Travel Nurse Housing. I don't have experience with this either. Required fields are marked *. Ask in advance about any broker or agent fees that you may have to pay and if they can be passed onto the owner of the property. The Gypsy Nurse evaluations are in, and Next Travel Nursing has been been named among Best Travel Nurse Agencies. It sounds like you are doing all of the right things. Facebook has been my #1 way to secure housing as a traveler. Craigslist may be ok for finding a room if you desire, but honestly there are so many other resources, I wouldn't waste your time! Extended Stay America, Homewood Suites, and several chains by Marriott all offer extended stay units. It is a wealth of listings, just beware of scammers and use the advice given above to avoid being scammed. If you’re a traveling nurse and you need housing need housing in a new location for a few days, weeks, or months, take a moment to browse through our listings and don’t hesitate to contact CHBO or call 1-877-333-2426 today for answers to all of your questions about travel nurse furnished housing. There was an error submitting your subscription. Travel nurse furnished rentals. Travel Nursing Housing – The Gypsy Nurse . Our places were 5 star AirBnb’s before we bought the house. Searching and searching for a place within your budget, minimal commute, and an acceptable roommate if you choose to rent a room. As I mentioned before, there are cons when it comes to find your own housing. If you missed my post earlier about how travel nursing works, definitely check it out! I would recommend listing on the websites that I mention above; especially airbnb and Furnished Finders. Enter a search above or click on one of the popular cities below to begin your search for housing! I am a Super Host and would like to rent to Traveling Health Care, I think I will call the local hospital and see if they have a listing service. You got a job as a traveling nurse or therapist! Read on if you want a … Now that you know what the stipend is about, let's compare the two options! Utilize your network of co-workers, friends, and peers to your advantage. Moreover, travel nurse housing involves many unique circumstances that make it more complex than normal. Gypsy Soul Travel Nurse Housing Options Travel Nursing: Places/Rooms For Rent. Then, vetted hosts can contact travelers with open properties. When speaking with the hotel concierge/manager, always be sure to ask about discounts for traveling professionals or if they have any discounts with local hospitals. It is 1/2 mile from the nearest hospital and other cities are less than 30 miles away. While some Airbnb owners prefer to rent out their places daily or weekly, others will rent monthly and may have a monthly rate. I have never personally done this as it tends to be quite expensive but know of people who have had success. Nurse Housing Homepage Congratulations on accepting your nursing assignment with an excellent organization. I am a Hawaii based speech-language pathologist. Travel Nurse Housing - The Gypsy Nurse has 96,235 members. I am not sure what the benefit is really, as a host you pay them to list but you have to handle the contracts, agreements etc. But as in anything, there are some cons as well... Option #2 is you take the housing stipend and find your own housing. The struggle is real to pay bills as a healthcare professional. Hence, the traveling traveler. It is definitely a lot easier than it used to be to find temporary housing, even compared from a few years ago in 2014 when I first started travel nursing. I was considering listing my guest room for rent to traveling medical professionals.

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