I would like to know what do you think I should buy, gibson les paul standard or les paul studio. This has an impact on both sound and playability. The sales pitch for the Les Paul Studio back in the early days was this; It's a Les Paul Standard, only without the edge binding and attractive top. I don't know. I´ve been checking some guitar rankings and many guitar players said that the relief holes that the les paul studio got, rest sustain in the guitar and these guys recommend the standards models. The Epiphone Les Paul Studio inspired by Gibson Collection is the modern version of the 80s classic originally intended for studio musicians and players seeking the classic Les Paul sound with no frills and less weight. So the "Les Paul Tribute" you are seeing is likely a 2018 or earlier model -- note: I would grab the 2018 LP Tribute because it (likely) has the trapezoid fretboard markers instead of the 2019 Tribute's dots. It’s pretty clear that the Epiphone Standard series puts more emphasis on the overall design, with the bindings and more eye-catching finishes. The Les Paul Standard (studio, custom, Special etc and variants are a whole other animal, These are humbucker pick up guitars and are crafted at a much higher quality that the Jr. Expect to pay at lest $900-$1500 for a nice axe. I had a real 70's Custom triple and it was a brick- no tone and no sustain and no feel. Both the Les Paul Traditional and the Les Paul Classic are takes on a legendary guitar and are suitable for a huge range of music. The guitars do sound different, though the difference isn’t huge. There are some obvious differences between the Studio (Deluxe) and Standard Les Paul variants. Probably. A friend is selling me the sg standard for 1,200 dollars (it´s a used guitar, but in perfect shape and sound) and the les paul studio in the downtown store got the price of 1,300 dollars aprox. From what I understand, the Standard (at least the newest ones) have the weight relief, new electronics and all that. Thread starter sixstring531; Start date May 14, 2020; sixstring531. Lower-end options like the Les Paul Studio tend to use darker finishes, which do not reveal any flame on their tops. Click the links to take a look at the best prices on Guitar Center. Provided all things being equal, namely string gauge tuned to standard pitch, the longer scale puts more string tension on the neck. The Body. The Gibson Les Paul vs SG debate has raged on for decades. The Mahogany body is even weight relieved beneath the figured Maple top, making it a real comfortable departure from heavy LP’s of the past. May 14, 2020 #1 I’m in the market for a Les Paul and have not had a chance to get my hands on one of these. It’s true, the Gibson Les Paul Studio’s body is a quarter of an inch thinner than the . Gibson USA have been putting out both the LP and SG for over fifty years. Gibson Les Paul Studio Vs SG Standard. 5.Gibson Studio and Gibson Standard have different tones due to how they’re made. You can have a nice Les Paul but a bad set-up and it sounds like S@#$#$%T. Studio. However, such an elite instrument does not come cheap. which one from the two is worth the money? Silver Supporting Member. If you want something more affordable though, then check out the Epiphone range. Ultra-modern weight relief uses the same type of “wedge” cutout as modern weight relief, but extends the wedge’s width somewhat. There are so many models now, and variants, and special editions. This has an impact on both sound and playability. The Studio is cool, but just a different kind of beast. Current prices of all Les Paul models (GuitarCenter ) >> Famous Les Paul Guitarists Differences Between The Epiphone Les Paul Studio And Standard. This article includes all the information you need to help you decide. Put crudely, the Traditional is like a late 50s Les Paul, and the classic is inspired by the Les Pauls (SGs) of the 60s. I mean which would you prefer in overall appearance and sound. Lp special vs. The Mahogany neck features a return to Rosewood fretboards (yes!) btw, im playing with marshall MAc series, thanks for any help, mor... Quote; Share this post. For those LP aficionados- how does this one compare to recent years/decades? Pickups and Controls. Nowadays, these types of standard models still exist, but they are getting increasingly lost in the swirling release schedules of both brands. The Les Paul is 24.75 inches versus the Stratocaster’s longer 25.5 inches. The 490R and 498T pickups provide tight, high-output humbucking performance and the two push-pull pots offer additional coil-tapping options. ITS ALL IN THE SETING UP ANY LES PAUL. The rosewood fingerboard and slim taper mahogany neck provide effortless playability and comfort. There’s a significant difference here. These guitarts sound great and are known to be great players, with sustain that goes on forever. Yes, there were Custom Shop models, but the standard USA-made instruments were your first port of call. Gibson Les Paul Studio; Gibson Les Paul Tribute The Standard is the flagship model, whilst the tribute is a more affordable option. Looking for an affordable, high quality, humbucker equipped guitar? Messages 2,626. Les Pauls are the BEST in TONE. There is no push/pull coil tapping available on the Studio, for that you’ll need to upgrade to the Standard. However, a Gibson Les Paul Classic will cost much more. A longer scale length results in more space between the frets and greater string tension … I was pretty much only familiar with the Standard, Custom, Studio and Epiphones. Thread starter CookieMonster; Start date Oct 24, 2010; C. CookieMonster Member. Oct 24, 2010 #1 This has probably been brought up before....but what do you think.... LP SPECIAL or STUDIO? A tone comparison between these two iconic guitars! “It was designed in response from players who are looking for the classic Les Paul feel and sound,” DeCola adds, “but who desire a lighter weight guitar. 7.The price of Gibson guitars does not affect the quality and sound. Sustain vs Twang! How They Sound. Link to post Share on other sites. They’re made in the USA to extremely high standards of excellence, and Gibson’s attention to craftsmanship shows through in the tone, look and feel of this amazing guitar. The Les Paul Studio embodies the essential Les Paul features with enhancements for playability and tonal versatility. Standard, but that’s the one and only sound-impacting change. 8.Guitarist’s needs are determined through their choice that best suits them. Les Pauls and Telecasters can both have rosewood, pau ferro, or ebony fretboards, and the Tele can also have maple. 6.Gibson Standard has all the aesthetic features that make it expensive while the Gibson Studio has fewer features that make it a lot cheaper. It is the versatility and the great value for money that earn this electric guitar a Musicaroo rating of 4.1 out of 5. L. logen99999 Senior Member.

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