In Sandy Skoglund’s artworks, there is always a pattern over the real world image, like the “Radioactive Cats” and “Revenge of the Goldfish”, which may cause by her unique perception of the world due to her experience of polio. The humans, however, are real people. With Ferns and Radioactive Cats at the end of the 1970s, Skoglund had in fact discovered an art strategy for herself that corresponded equally to her affinity for painting, film, and photography. The neon green cats are artificial. However, in 1967, she attended Sorbonne and Ecole de Louvre in Paris, France. Also the cats that are placed on top of the refrigerator look as if they want to attack the woman standing below them. The work is made out of sculpted plaster cats and live models. Read More . Opening January 9th 6-8pm. The shapes are three-dimensional and organic. Skoglund`s work combines installation art, tableau and sculpture. (''Radioactive Cats''). She colors the set, places life size objects and subjects. in 1971 and her M.F.A. The band Inspiral Carpets used the photograph for the cover of their 1992 album, also titled Revenge of the Goldfish. mhonz 2. Share. This is the human condition. The dystopian world effect is both fascinating and a little bit worrying. Often featuring elaborate tableaux of animals and posed human actors, one of her most famous work is 1980s Radioactive Cats, which depicts neon-green cats—painstakingly crafted out of chicken wire and plaster—stalking an otherwise drab gray kitchen. She created a whole series with other animals, plants, and even silverware. Everything is broken, drab, and colorless. 38. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  Blue owls, radioactive green cats, twisted snakes and rabbits on a floor of eggshells. View Radioactive Cats (1980) By Sandy Skoglund; dye bleach print; 26 x 33in. Baines, Status and Purpose of AE Art, CAJ 4-1, 1994, Reduced. Finally, she photographs the set, complete with actors. This process for a single piece takes her months to finish. Exhibition of the new installation and photograph, along with previous work. Follow Favorite. It has come down to two themes: aging and nuclear war. This scene is completely chaotic, yet the models remain unaffected by their surroundings. Sandy Skoglund produces surrealist photographs by constructing intricate tableaux. Overview. From Phillips, Sandy Skoglund, Radioactive Cats (1980), Archival pigment print, printed later, 50.2 × 63.8 cm “Is this not the life that surrounds us? This is an installation and a photograph with cheese snack foods embedded in epoxy resin, furniture, sculpted figures from mannequins, and live models. Change ),, It is used to highlight. Rating: Based on the quality of the creative process, the successful integration of form and content, the impact to social change or advancing postmodern art in society and also interest in the work that is critiqued I give this piece a 5. This is not supposed to portray a videogame, it is Sandy Skoglund’s vision of a dystopian society complete with old age and nuclear activity. Sandy Skoglund's works have been revealed in Europe since 1983 by his famous "Radioactive cats" (1980), an apocalyptic vision represented by twenty-eight green cats … Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Related titles. She went on to graduate school at the University of Iowa … His photographs are surreal style. Even the people look like they’re decaying. Sandy Skoglund. I believe that the affect Skoglund achieved was successful and well-executed. Chapter three deals with Point, Line, Shape, Mass and Volume, Texture, and Value. The work of art that I am choosing to analyze is called “Radioactive Cats” by Sandy Skoglund. It looks old, broken, and worn, as do the people. Then, of course, we have those fluorescent cats. Sandy Skoglund - Radioactive Cats, 1980 Sandy Skoglund's Art. There are also lines in two dimensional art and line in three dimensional art. they are all taken inside sandy skoglund's impact on the art industry remains to be one of the most "out there" and challenging types of photographs to take, because of the time and effort that is needed to accomplish each photograph sandy skoglund sandy skoglund introduced new Skoglund studied studio art and art history at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts from 1964-68. 1946 'RADIOACTIVE CATS' Cibachrome print, signed, titled, dated, and editioned 'AP 9/10' in ink on the image, mounted to acrylic, framed, a Ginny Williams Collection label on the reverse, 1980, artist proof 9 of 10 in addition to the numbered edition … in painting in 1972. Take ''Radioactive Cats'' (1980), a postnuclear tableau in which a swarm of eerie green cats infests the drab gray kitchen of an elderly Middle American couple. Access more artwork lots and estimated & … Sandy Skoglund. “Radioactive Cats” raised social issues and a lot of questions. I thought the title was clever too. They look very artificial, but the photograph still works because that contributes to the message of the piece. View additional info Realized: Log in or create account to view price data Lot 299: SANDY SKOGLUND - Raining Popcorn, 2001 . She was ill with polio when she was three which made her become a … When asked about her color choice, Skoglund says, “I arrived at the green because the cats have turned radioactive and green would be one of the colors that you might think would reference nuclear properties.” The aim of art is to reduce that fear”. ( Log Out /  Description: SANDY SKOGLUND - Radioactive Cats, 1980 Condition Report: Request to receive a Condition Report for this item or any items in this auction by contacting the seller. Abrams, Sandy Skoglund: Reality Under Siege: A Retrospective, p. 10 Edition Stemmle, Constructed Realities, The Art of Staged Photography, pl. Skoglund spent months creating the set, and once finished photographed the piece complete with actors. Sandy Skoglund was born on September 11, 1946 in Quincy, Massachusetts. (1), (2) Home site of the artist Sandy Skoglund with images of recent work, including installation views. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Create your first list. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. It is a scene she sculpted over a period of months and subsequently photographed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Skoglund moved to New York City in 1972, where she started working as a conceptual artist, dealing with repetitive, process-oriented art production through the techniques of mark-making and photocopying. There are 2 types of lines: actual and implied lines. On the cats and people there are curvilinear lines and contour lines that outline the shape of them. Tableau Photography allows Skoglund to push something that is three-dimensional into something that is two-dimensional. The people look like they’re in a cell of some sort and everything, other than the cats, looks quite dead. Estimate $10,000 - 15,000 Sold for $18,750. One of her most-known works, entitled Radioactive Cats, features green-painted clay cats running amok in a gray kitchen. Such is evident in photos like Revenge of the Goldfish and Radioactive cats.

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