Visit CaringBridge, Join the Trauma Survivors Network on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn to keep connected and in touch. What Is Psychological Trauma? For this reason we are committed to providing valuable resources to help survivors who are healing from abuse and trauma, Post Read Stories, Visit the TSN Community Forum where trauma survivors and their families share experiences and provide support and hope to others. We understand that being a survivor of trauma and abuse, addiction or PTSD can be very lonely. Local: 703-538-3544 Art Therapy Blog is full of articles and resources for art therapy for adults and children and specialized projects and research for audiences ranging from trauma survivors to people with autism. To start viewing messages, select the sub-forum that you want to visit below. A therapeutic alliance with a well trained and sensitive psychotherapist is an important resource for adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse. These resources are organized by the following: peer support, military service members and veterans, male survivors, culturally specific online support and support for partners of sexual abuse survivors. You will need to register with the TSN to see what is currently available at your trauma center. The Effects of Complex Trauma on Brain Development, Interventions for Children, Youth & Their Caregivers, Complementary & Alternative Techniques and Interventions, Understanding and Addressing Psychological Maltreatment: The Effects of Emotional Abuse and Neglect, The Complexity of Racial Trauma: Important New Website Section, New Psychotherapy Book Provides Practical Blueprint for How the Body Changes the Score with Children and Youth Impacted by Complex Trauma, Complex Trauma-Informed Residential Services for Children, Youth, and Young Adults, Coping Strategies for Complex Trauma Survivors Contending with the COVID-19 Pandemic (in English, Spanish, French, & Portuguese), COVID-19 Pandemic Coping Strategies for Youth with a History of Complex Trauma (in English, Spanish, French, & Portuguese), New Diagnostic Resource Available for Complex Trauma Adaptation: (DTD) Developmental Trauma Disorder Symptom List, What is Complex Trauma?A Resource Guide for Youth & Those Who Care About Them, Never Give Up: A Complex Trauma Film by Youth for Youth, When Nowhere is Safe: Impaired Caregiving, Domestic Violence and Community Violence Increase Risk for Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD), Greater Boston Area Website management by Resources for Survivors Welcome to the TSN Resource Center where you can learn from the experts. Online resources for survivors of trauma Sidran Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources for survivors of trauma, their loved ones, and caregivers. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new content by email. Complex Trauma Resources: Tools for Survivors & their Helpers: Books, Articles, Videos, Tools and more. If you were abused or experienced trauma as a child, there is information and But partners need to “be clear that it is not your problem to fix and you don’t have the power to change another human being,” says Lisa Ferentz, LCSW in a post for partners of trauma survivors . Click the logo to learn more, Trauma Survivors Network For more information about the foundation or to support its efforts, visit Welcome to Although the mental and physical symptoms of PTSD stress can be quite debilitating, trauma is often undiagnosed by health professionals due to a lack of training, time and resources. Learn how others are coping with the loss of a loved one or helping their loved one move along the road to recovery. Visit the Community Forum, Keep in touch with friends and family by creating a CaringBridge website. Vital Cycles is a fabulous resource for forming groups for trauma recovery. Ideally, a psychotherapist working with adult survivors should have a basic understanding of abuse and trauma, or else be open to further education and training such as is provided by Blue Knot Foundation nationally. Here, we’ll support each other, remember our loved © Copyright 2020 American Trauma Society, Trauma Survivors Network - provided by ATS. Welcome to the Trauma Survivors Network, a program of the American Trauma Society Welcome to the TSN Community Forum. Reading others stories, and sharing your own, is one important way to connect with others and not feel alone in your recovery. Resources for Survivors Experiences of past and current trauma are very common. Here you can: If you have suggestions about how we can add to these resources, please contact us. Resources to Support Military Sexual Trauma Survivors The effects of the coronavirus pandemic are stressful for everyone, but they may be particularly difficult for Veterans who have experienced military sexual trauma (MST) Organizations/Resources The Compassionate Friends (national office) A national, self-help support organization for those grieving the loss of a child or sibling. Childhood Violent Trauma Center (CVTC) at Yale is the Trauma Section of the Yale Child Study Center known for over two decades for its faculty’s research, clinical services, training programs, policy work and local, state, national and international collaboration. Connect With Us, The Trauma Survivors Network is a program of the American Trauma Society. When they disown the trauma, the anger, the need for contact with other people or any combination of those, they lose or deny key aspects of themselves. According to, the organization’s mission is to provide “progressive, personal and community resources to survivors of severe complex trauma to maximize the potential for freedom, growth and independence first within … GirlThrive : Girlthrive Inc. honors teen girls and young women who have survived incest and … Skip to content A curated collection of Books, Videos, Articles and more to educate consumers, caregivers and professionals about Complex Trauma. If one or more of these programs is not yet available at your trauma center, you can always go to our Community Forum to link up with other survivors and their families for information, support and hope. Become a TSN Facility Help, information and resources to assist recovery for survivors of childhood trauma, including abuse, their family, friends, carers and other supporters. Available for preorder! A CaringBridgewebsite is a free, personal, private Web page. Survivors of Incest Anonymous: They provide information on how to find incest survivor support groups in your area and empowers individuals to become survivors and thrivers. Our goal was to establish the most comprehensive repository of information and resources on complex traumatic stress, and to make it comprehensible to the public and professional alike. They have multiple resources on integrating trauma-informed care for children and adolescents in the child welfare system. Click on an article below to read the full version. The underlying goal of our resources and programs is to ensure the victims of trauma a stable recovery and to connect those who share similar stories. The TSN is also a network of former trauma patients and their families who have been exactly where Sexual assault survivors’ needs are far from being fully met in Texas due to limited resources, according to a study released this month, and the …

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