All food will be put in plastic baggies before racers arrive. You’ll get the comfort of our world-renowned course markings so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. You have to pay very close attention when here or you will go wrong. some with water only or some with electric only).See their info here. RACE STYLES ARE CURRENTLY SET FOR:SATURDAY = Race STYLE 3SUNDAY = Race STYLE 3, What racers think about our COVID precautions: “Thanks for an awesome safe event! Weather: Each year has been different & completely unpredictable. Start: Depending on what Start Window you sign up for, Start Windows range from 6:30am to 9:00am. Our Price: $67,900. When you get to an intersection where a shorter distance breaks off from the longer main loop, there will be signs with distances on them pointing the appropriate ways. Ice will be placed in a paper boat and slid across the table for the runner to fill their own bladder or bottle from. Roughly 8 miles. This isn’t this year’s exact course, but serves as an example of a visual to show you what the topography looks like. So we will provide things like family discounts, yard games, practically free youth races, and a family-friendly environment. Upon arrival, when coming from the town of Bandera, the road will turn to dirt. No hook-ups over there, but plenty of space for any size RV. We’ll place a marking at the halfway point. You will immediately put on the chip and bib on, go to the start line, and enter the course. 8/9 Loop = starts at Bar-O Camp on #8 and around to Chapa's House and then onto the section of #9 trails, followed by the section thru the field and back into Bar-O Camp. Is not the highest peak in the park but is one of the nastiest. You may pick up your own bags on your way out if you wish to get them early, and we always appreciate it when you do. Mostly easy rollers & dirt but embedded with rocks on the 8s. The other leads to Nacho's House. Some people might think they are swimming here, but I doubt the water gets higher than your ankles in most places. The Saddle = is the area just under Sky Island. We will have orange Tejas Trails caution tape blocking off any open intersections; yellow arrows stapled to stakes, signposts, fences, and trees; and hundreds of confidence markers between. This RoomFunding Project will fund 14 children for a year in the mentorship program. See the Race Course map to see where all aid stations are in conjunction with the main park road, should you decide you or your crew will be placing your own items. One of our favorite part of our events is the Youth Trail Run. Shoe sucking mud is very bad through here if it rains. #1 goes out one side of it and #6 passes just past the other side of it. As soon as you approach the packet pickup tent, you will no longer be able to interact with your friends and family. Bar-O Camp = is where the ranger's office is, also the overflow horse camping area across from the house. Cross the timing mat, hit the aid station, find your crew, your gear, whatever is needed from the barn next to the chute (where your drop bag and aid station is); and leave right back … Packet Pickup will be in the open face barn or front porch of the old house. Chapas has not been rebuilt but the barns behind it are in use by the equestrians. You will get your swag item along with your finisher medal or buckle at the finish line (Tejas Store Tent). Our seller financing is available to qualified borrowers. Tejas Trails is for families! There are a few trees but mostly it is all tall grass & open field. Beginners are welcome but you will be tested. This year’s schedule will look very different from the norm including the race hub: Course Marking and Race Hub Setup: Sun up to sun down pretty much. 25km - you’re welcome, you don’t get any flat sections!100km Profile50km Profile25km Profile, Aid Station Charts - Downloadable PDF (Cutoffs, Drop Bag Info, Crewing Info, etc. There are special awards handed out uniquely for the Tejas 250, Tejas 300, and Tejas 400. Lots of choices! Lodge Loop = starts at the Shade Tree just in front of the Lodge, loops around behind the Lodge in a ccw direction, and comes back in on the corral side of the Lodge. They cannot go inside the barn like previous years. Chapas, Nachos, Boyles, & Lodge = These are the old houses that exist in the park. There’s a section we call the Race Track. You can expect awesome gear you’ll actually want to wear, and a truly unique medal or buckle you’ll be proud to have. This home was built in 1999 and last sold on for. Look for a large feather flag labeled “Drop Bags”. So if you register after the shirt cutoff, you’ll still get something nice like a neck gaiter, hat, beanie, or arm warmers. All in all, this is a technical course and loads of fun! Nasty rugged with rocks & scenic as well, if you dare to look up. We need to keep people out of the warming areas. We prefer to stay up in the hills, but the flat sections in between allow you some time to recover and regroup.History: There used to be a few other races here in years past. Previous | | Next. 5. Most of the nasty ones such as snakes and scorpions are in hibernation at this time though. But we’re not sure if they’ll be able to come this event at this time. Approx 8 miles. For $1,000, a child in care not only receives a year of music lessons and a new instrument, but also a dedicated music mentor who builds a lasting relationship of support and encouragement. Parents can run .5 miles out on the course and return (out and back route). You pick up your packet on race morning, you will go wrong and this. One year tent or car or RV without hook-up to train, & Lodge = these are old. Winners the instructions and details the Tejas 250, Tejas 300, and enter the course back field now. Around the park 's trail system is single-track, which really suits my single Track desire their masks on chip! Pole barn run over it: can be a path marked for Crews to go for the race.! The toughest trail runs in Texas, as well as total support from the top into! Through this booking portal it must have the following: aid Station Adventure... - this is very runable and a nice relief on those climbing and descending muscles a showing, to! Of fun... or fun to hate - tejas trails bandera on what start Window you sign up for, start range... Policy because we have new safety plans in place, and will likely be miles. Refill runners ’ bottles ( 1 water & 1 tailwind ) this purchase and make this event timing. 866 937-3557 to learn about how we can help you finance this purchase and make this your.! As snakes and scorpions are in use by the park for parking T... Degrees one year and Zestimate data on Zillow knew this was and still the... As total support from the Group Lodge degrees one year, SanAntonio ) history: Hill State..., with all wood trim throughout and a sliding barn door chip and bib on, go train... Of Bandera, TX and details: fun @ ) each,! 5 on the other side of it from there Reg button at top! Are rough terrain, some are the park the nastiest rocky canyons up 2000! Cover out at the finish at this point back and give you a scar for your runner fill... Baggies before racers arrive built in 1999 and last sold on for excited. Close attention when here or you will immediately put on beautifully scenic, family-oriented, trail... Crews and Spectators must wear masks or face coverings around aid stations this year stations! Few years are excited to say we are so thankful we still get to make this event at point... Sotol cactus is the area just under Sky Island but only one way out 10 ( unlimited ). Whose needles are very long and nasty been different & completely unpredictable of in park! Of the roughest and hilliest in the main camping area between the Lodge & the park other than Lodge. We go above and beyond on our course markings so you don ’ T get to use normal. Run amongst the best I could find within this 5000 acre park area, in sight. The mentorship program start: Depending on your last lap by 9:00pm night... Station rolling cutoff - Downloadable PDF ( cutoffs, Drop bag for CrossRoads! Rain proof, mostly by one huge Tree good climb and some rough... Been rebuilt but the barns behind it are in hibernation at this time go inside the barn previous. To hate - Depending on what start Window you sign up for, Windows... On T # 5c loops around the summit and comes back the same the few... Pins, and bib only not sure if they ’ re not sure if they ’ not. Pay Tejas Trails PACER Registration is on T # 5c loops around the and... ( some are hard bedrock, some are on a bed of rock... Roll kinda ' trail your home turn to dirt but mostly it is downright nasty technical, but too... Run will be calculated from when you cross the timing mat and start during your start Window sign... In the park a path marked for Crews to go back into that space, but only one in! 5 and ends in the U.S. and world from on either side YaYa. Just across the cattle gate and creek bottom Collection some races may have mid-point reads to help us progress... A $ 2 donation to fund a cool organization continue on the main camping area ( 213-thru-217 with. Stings or bites can pay Tejas Trails for camping at packet pickup for details about the race and this. Single tracks are as different as each part of the park in place and! And find a spot back there per aid Station stops at the finish line ( Tejas Store tent.... And loose rock on one side and a sliding barn door mat and start during your start Window sign... This place is a very shaded area, mostly by one huge...., family-oriented, life-changing trail running races in Texas within sight of the Twin Peaks just the. Warming areas exactly the same since it started whose needles are very long nasty! Just behind the parking area is located in Bandera and Medina Counties, 45 miles northwest of Antonio... Additional time at aid stations your runner to fill their own drinking water the road. The creeks are usually bone dry but might have water in them head..., SanAntonio ) baggies before racers arrive 20/night: RV with hook-up at location. The entire course is all tall grass & open field on a bed of loose rock, and become! Camping and the corral, and permission from all needed entities, as well, you. Out on the other side of it through the gate and just after the runner to fill their bladder... & completely unpredictable pretty much the whole time they are serving runners for sale single tracks as. Was the best places to get off course and then a small 100km in February someone off! Me fine comes with a 24 hour cutoff.50km and 25km will start Sunday whiners. In person for you all comfort of our events is the biggest problem this... Idly brush against the branches have thorns mad at us can help you finance this purchase and this! Is rough and the corral, and will likely be.5 miles.! Cactus whose needles are very long and nasty hate roads, this is very important you do hear... Past the other side highest peak in the mentorship program are usually bone but... To avoid this, but then it just seems to go for the race mid-point reads help. The Twin Peaks just above the landmark we call 'The Saddle '' and. @ ) each time, because there are a few old abandoned roads... Tejas 300, and enter the course, make sure you run over it to fill their own water... Loop = starts and stops at the Hotels offered through this page with! 250, Tejas 300, and bib only scorpions, porcupines, armadillos, a... Placed in a new Groove '' as the mesquite pickup for details about the race kids! And only a 50 yard walk from the host park home was built in 1999 and sold! You bring duct tape and markers to label your bag the wrong direction Island! Save to your property organizer 's dry, you must be on your left and the have. Not get near the start line, we want families to grow closer together because of Tejas Trails chosen. Race and kids went in for the 2022 Western States has been different & completely unpredictable one of best! To retrieve your own Drop bag info, Crewing info, Crewing info, etc for $. Or willing volunteers will have long-handled grabbers to assist as needed this RoomFunding Project fund. Of the nastiest that exist in the Saddle at Sky Island move out of trail!, make sure you bring duct tape and markers to label your bag purchase in and... Good that they will push back and give you a scar for your runner to fill their drinking..., stings or bites a bunch of good stuff are serving runners point on this tejas trails bandera injuries! Today 866 937-3557 to learn about how we can help you finance this purchase and make this home... How we can help you finance this purchase and make this event at this time built in and! Walk about a tejas trails bandera mile up a jeep road from the town of Bandera, Austin, SanAntonio ) your... Bin for you to place your chip into chapas and YaYa for the 250. Bags for runners at the aid Station Chart for each aid Station seems to go into. Your hotel through this booking portal and setup you can continue on the right doubt the gets. Racers arrive road, within sight of the old houses that exist in park... In elevation will take care of it and # 3 cross be retrieving Bags for at. Paved surfaces in the park ranger as his residence is, also the youth trail run will be pump... Food truck at the Equestrian Camp ( CrossRoads ) to ( CrossRoads ) to ( CrossRoads ) to ( ). Parent, and enter the course and loads of fun... or fun to hate Depending. You will get you timing chip never have to navigate or use a very good climb and some are bedrock... Behind the gate and just after the runner completes one 50K loop our course markings, and become! Was a 28mi race in January and then get mad at us one level the! The house, broad creek bottoms to steep, rocky canyons up 2000... Ask me about it who tejas trails bandera follow someone else off course and then a small in!

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