View more airline logos on The Museum of Flight. United Air Lines (United Airlines) Logo. Established in 1951, Japan Airlines is the flag carrier of Japan and its main hubs are Tokyo’s Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport. (“nok” means “bird” in Thai language). Logo redesigned by SiVO, Beijing. Did Concorde have its own logo or was that just the British Airways logo? Airline logos. by mhershfield Plays Quiz Updated Aug 14, 2016 . Circle and bird., also Air One –, See also the Argentine airline: So there you have, our planes have coloured birds on them. Even pet-friendly airlines have restrictions for the size of the carrier and the size of your bird (most allow small household birds). Aero Mexico. You could see its wings lifted up. Sure, there are a lot of birds in airline logos, but the crane holds particularly appropriate symbolism for the Japanese company, so it gets my vote. Kind of like using a heart in a logo wishing to express affection for something. PS: First post from a long-time lurker. Modified by Otl Aicher, in 1969. If it’s Egypt then every logo or art will be … The original Singapore Airlines logo showcased a stylized bird. If you’ve been looking for the answer to The bird stylised in the logo of Lufthansa, we’re happy to share that you can find it here with us. Thanks for the additional suggestions, and Jonny, for your first comment. US Airways Logo. It seems that most are quite dated in style and very dry. The Garuda-logo was created by Landor, just like their previous one. Set of 6 Vintage Original Piedmont Airlines Roly Poly Glasses. ;). Airline Logos Airlines Logos inspired by Birds. I wrote on this exact topic nearly a year ago now! I did some research on this and … Japan Airlines (previous) Lloyd Aeroe Boliviano. Garuda Indonesia Airline Expansion | Airline logo, Bird logos, Minimal logo design May 29, 2019 - The Expansion of PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk (GIAA) it seems never stop. This is what he had to say about the logo: While designing the logo, I Not all their logos are that great. Many airline companies use bird logos since they can easily compare the airplane to the flight of a bird. How about the old Japan Airlines logo, which was a circle *and* a bird! It sure beats everyone else on number of birds! #45460086 - Abstract Flying Soaring Bird Logo design vector template. The previous logo. It seems to be the first thing that comes to mind. WestJet Airlines Logo. You can add a PLL LOT (polish airlines) to the mix Download 34,271 bird logo free vectors. Top … It was designed by Massimo Vignelli and has not been changed for over 40 years., here’s another one from TAROM – Romanian Airlines Alaska; Aerolineas Argentinas ( Business.. Vector. If I am over more than a dollar or 2 on shipping, You will be refunded. Add to Likebox #36445119 - Vector graphic abstract wing symbol for your company with sample.. Vector. Top 10. Mexicana previous logo was also an eagle:, You forgot this: I just thought it would also be a nice inclusion on this (almost) comprehensive list. Vueling Airlines Logo. Island Air today unveiled a new logo that features a native ʻiʻiwi bird in its design. Our solution will help you finish your crossword. Saereo (, Ostfriesische Lufttransport ( Detail: some older caravans (travel trailers for the americans) by Knaus have the swallows flying down instead of up. In this article we’ll take a logo at the logos of over 50 popular airlines. Portuguese SATA was recently re-designed with some some sort of origami crane. I will wrap them well, so I may have to use a oversize box. In fact, it’s probably wise that I steer clear of birds altogether. In the story a young girl perished in the East Sea. What about the companies that do not have circle-bird logos? If I ever get the opportunity to design a logo for a commercial airline, there’s one design option I’d like to overlook — the bird in a circle. This is a great observation and collection of airline logos. Making a logo for airlines without using a plane: a bird. Fleet size: 91. Been there, done that. Choose from over a million free vectors, clipart graphics, vector art images, design templates, and illustrations created by artists worldwide! From shop Drawcraft. In 1959, Japan Airlines adopted a logo that was special to JAL from its creation and introduction in 1959, which is a crane known as the Tsurumaru. Egyptair Airline Logo. Our site is based on a vast data base which updates daily and can assist in solving hints appearing in diverse publications every day. The original Singapore Airlines logo showcased a stylized bird. • Aeroflot: National flag, with traditional winged hammer and sickle used on fuselage. The red we labelled Tori red which is a happy colour in Japan. The following 14 airlines allow birds on their planes, in either the cabin or cargo, however they have strict policies. Tags: Company Quiz, Logo Quiz, Sports Teams Quiz, Airline Logos, bird, Bird Teams, Corporate Logos, corporation, Image Quiz, map, Team Logos. Airlines That Allow Pet Birds to Fly in the Cabin. The lettering “Singapore Airlines” in an italicized sans could be seen below. Out of them all though I appreciated ‘Garuda Indonesia’ the most – at least its not in a circle! When I designed the Japan Air Lines logo in 1958, I wanted it to look Japanese above all else, so I chose the from an antique samurai family crest book. Similar Images . Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano (*/ I think avoiding wings altogether would be necessary! Haha. Iran Air ( Please consult with the airline before you book your flight. Mar 9, 2016 - Les logos des compagnies aériennes. Add to Likebox #55883085 - Abstract business vector logo concept illustration. United Airlines Logo. The current Japan Airlines logo was relaunched in 2011 which returned to the classic tsurumaru logo that created in 1958 by Jerry Huff. Tianjin Airlines is the largest regional airline of China. The above is a preliminary sketch of the Kuwait Airways logo sketched by then acting CEO Harry Pusey in 1958. link. Thanks for the warning. Now, this government airline targets will add the fleet to 450 units in the next 5 years. The lettering “Singapore Airlines” in an italicized sans could be seen below. As someone once said, ‘It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it’. Print Email Tweet. I was wondering, could you do the same thing for companies with “international” in their name that use globe images ;-) ? That’s only about 31%, but that thirty percent is higher than any other major geometric shape used as a unifying design element. American Eagle – Eagle Bird The symbol is a depiction of the Jingwei bird, a character in Chinese mythology. New livery adopted in 2003. The logo of the polish airlines “LOT” with a white stork in the middle. In the case of Nok, though, they not only added it to their logo, they named the company after it! Similar Images . Via @AisleOne. :). Airline logos. Airline logos. A bird in a circle is also something you want to avoid if you find yourself on the set of Sesame Street: Ring of Death edition. Country – Egypt., Almost a bird in a circle: Air Namibia has a very similar logo to Lufthansa too. (Side note: watch his interview in the documentary Helvetica). when I was little I was told they nicknamed it the “divine bird”, Polish airlines LOT: There is a reason though: Uruguay means “river of the coloured birds” in guarani. VietJet Air Logo. Also: Air Niugini,, “Old logo”:, “More recent logo”: I may use a circle for the logo I’m redesigning right now. These were produced when it didn’t go well with the company. The Ozark logo reminds me of the logo of the Knaus Caravan brand SATENA ( It’s shocking to me how similar some of these look. It looks like it was designed by Jim Henson! Ask 100 designers to create a logo for a photography studio. Check what Landor designed for my country’s airline: Tarom Romanian Air Transport. Check Ukraine International Airlines, similar to Lufthansa: Yeah the bird is well overused, but the bird has always been the icon for flight, even going back hundreds of years. You could see its wings lifted up. The Speedbird is the stylised emblem of a bird in flight designed in 1932 by Theyre Lee-Elliott as the corporate logo for Imperial Airways. Personally I’ve always been a fan of the Qantas logo. Start editing this Abstract Blue Airline Bird logo for your business or team. The airline from my country (Air Mauritius)’s logo is also a bird. Create a professional airline logo in minutes with our free airline logo maker. Un beau voyage graphique autour du monde... Ils n'y sont pas encore tous... See more ideas about airline logo, logos, airline. I like circles. Umm… not such a hot idea. SriLankan Airlines logo: The flag carrier of Sri Lanka uses a stylized peacock in its logo, and was update din 1998, as the airline began a decade long partnership with Emirates. I think it stands up very well and I am quite pleased that JAL is reintroducing it. Airline logos. 5 out of 5 stars (153) 153 reviews $ 2.98. It became a design classic and was used by the airline and its successors – British Overseas Airways Corporation and British Airways – for 52 years. Can you name the corporations that have birds in their logos? Thanks for dropping by to share your rationale, Jerry. While I like some more than others, in spite of what they have in common, with a few exceptions, they all look pretty unique. Bird Logo Outline Svg, Flying Svg, Bird Svg, Bird Design Svg, Bird Cut Files, Bird Files for Cricut, Bird Clipart, Bird Png, Bird Dxf, Eps Drawcraft. Of course, it was modified from the original for functionality. There’s also the Indian airline – Kingfisher What about a deer in a circle? My flight down was non-stop on Delta and the way back was … It should not be a huge surprise to find many airline logos based on birds but have you ever wondered what are the most popular birds on airline logos. More details Air Mauritius. Some kind of winged thing. Aeormexico kind of has one ( One thing for sure, Landor made the Garuda Indonesia, and using the blue gradient from the depth of the ocean, simply represent Indonesia as an archipelago nation. Delta Airlines logo 1929-1930: Delta Airlines logo 1934-1951: Delta Airlines logo 1953 – 1955: Then, Delta decided to clean up the logo and make it simpler (Delta Airlines logo 1959 – 1960): Later, the red and blue arrows were pointed upward instead of forward (Delta Airlines logo 2004 – 2007): The current Delta Airlines logo: I like Garuda Indonesia both; the concept, and execution.,,,,$saaold.gif,,,*/,,,,, In fact, it’s probably wise that I steer clear of birds altogether. The designers have obviously opted to use global iconography which I personally think can be justified – even if it is a tad boring for designers to look at. Bird in a circle… as in the representation of a bird getting sucked into a jet engine…? Do anyone here know the significance of the Singapore Airline logo? Oh my god, Air Gabon is amazing. Designed by Vignelli Associates, in 1967, Taca Airlines Qatar Airways accepts domesticated dogs, cats and birds as checked baggage, either on your flight or on a separate one, in accordance with international air travel regulations.

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