Staple the top of the carton shut. 2. Or you can stick a chopstick through the side for the bird to perch on. The most amazing thing is if only one or a few came, in a bit a whole flock of them would come. var mnSrc = (isSSL ? Kid’s will love to see the birds sit and chirp in their backyard. These cookies do not store any personal information. So you can use the cut out and trace it on the other side of the carton then only cut through the top and bottom, then the center. Recycling old milk jugs (Gallon Jugs) and turning them into bird feeders is a great idea! Use these 14 squirrel feeder DIY ideas to feed your furry garden friends over the winter. When you have made all the openings or holes on the carton, you are ready to prime them. When I hear the birds chirping again after winter, I am so happy. ← Next post Previous post → Subscribe / Share. Thanks for dropping by. Try making this unique and creative design to make it look interesting and enjoy your bird watching. Recycled birdhouses make great crafts to overcome your boredom. I cut one which apparently I forgot to rinse and boy was it eeewww! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Materials: A container (milk carton, juice bottle, coffee can* or other) It’s simple to make and interesting for all bird lovers! But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. '&https=1' : '');
Use a craft knife to cut through the carton following the outline you made. Your bird feeders are good to go from here but if you want to add like a roof for the bird feeder, here is how you do it. Re-purposing your old, unused stuff is a creative way to protect our planet, and create a fun and fairly inexpensive project with your kids. (function() {
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Making Milk Jug Bird Feeder is a great craft idea for this holidays! Outline the shape you want to cut out for the opening with a ball pen. The emerald colored milk carton bird feeder can be easily made by your children. Nov 7, 2017 - Kids' easy nature project - how to make a homemade bird feeder from a plastic container - repurpose a plastic container into a milk jug bird feeder. You may use one photo. You only need one chopstick for a bird feeder. Yoohoo!! It is such sheer pleasure for me to see birds. 'https:' : 'http:') + '//' + (isSSL ? and attract them to come by, I made bird feeders using milk and juice carton. medianet_versionId = "111299";
Every winter here in my daycare we make simple feeders to hang in our trees. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Right now, we stay in Winnipeg where it feels like winter is so long so spring is something to look forward to. Tie your piece of string around the handle of your chipped cup.
Draw circles on the sides with the permanent marker. Milk carton bird feeder: Use a two-quart milk box and cut the hole big enough for the bird to perch on the side.
Share. Hang them around your garden and enjoy bird watching! Hanging bird feeders made from old milk jugs in your garden or yard can be a fun craft to teach your kids to go green and importance of re-purposing old stuff. Homemade Milk Jug Bird Feeder. Supplies: milk jug scissors skewer wire paint clear spray paint Instructions: Take a milk jug and cut holes on two sides. For added interest, take the other half of the orange and hang slices at varying levels to attract orioles and mockingbirds. If you want a round hole, you can use any  jar cover from your pantry. If you are like me and my family and you enjoy watching birds, welcome them with bird feeders made from milk and juice carton. Using a masking tape will smoothen the edges and also give the bird feeder a bright look. Follow the tutorial and get detailed directions to make this amazing craft! southernmel says: 13/01/2011 at 07:48. this is great! I did this to two sides of the carton. Just look for any box or carton then cut a shape a half inch bigger than the measurement of the top of your milk carton. Created by Amy Arato, RHA Educator. Check how yours will come out and if you think the colors are not solid enough, paint another coat on it. Ever been with an annoying loud mouth, that’s how I feel they sound like. social. Bird Feeder with Milk Jug. Milk Jug Bird Feeder. How to make a milk carton bird feeder What You Need: • Milk carton • Stapler and staples • Masking tape • A soft cloth, rag or chamois • Brown paint (acrylic is best) • Scissors or a knife (and adult assistance) • Twine. The bright colored bird feeder will attract birds easily. Use the craft knife and again slice through making an X mark at the center. Now we need disposable chopsticks. Make this easy plastic bird feeders from milk jugs and paint them beautifully to give it a creative touch. Use a glue gun to attach the carton roof on the bird feeder. Okay, I used a pencil and of course the lead and a part of the pencil broke. Re-purposing unused milk jugs can be interesting and unique DIY Ideas for holidays! Milk Jug Bird Feeder. Þ Bird Feeders • Milk Jug Bird Feeders Rinse out an empty plastic gallon milk jug with lid. I used sisal string because that was what I had on hand but you can use any kind of sturdy string. To convert this project to an easy birdhouse, simply cut one circle window out of one side of the milk jug, rather than two windows. document.write('');
You’ll also need a couple of cable ties, some twine, a sharp knife and scissors. Milk Jug Bird House It is as if they go and tell their clan “There’s bread over there! I'm a visual artist, maker and an art and craft instructor. C’mon!.”. var isSSL = 'https:' == document.location.protocol;
If you want to make another round hole on the other side of the carton, measure the distance from the bottom of the carton to the first opening. The seeds will fall out onto the spoons as the birds eat. (function() {
So to welcome the other pretty birds, (obviously not the crows please!) I swear! medianet_width = "728";
. Our friends at the Chebeague Island School have made bird feeders out of re-purposed yogurt containers to great success. Print. Where we used to live, we would leave pieces of bread outside our house so the birds would come by. For the Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder, you first need to make sure the bottle is completely clean inside and dried off. medianet_width = "300";
Use a hanger to hang it outside your window or outdoors on the porch. DIY Milk Carton Bird Feeder: A Cool After School Activity. medianet_crid = "715667634";
What you need: half gallon milk or juice carton with cap, washed out and dried; sharp knife (to be used by an adult) paint stir stick or dowel/rod; twine or string; wild bird seed; What you do: 1. Use a twine or a strong rope to hang it to a tree. Turn an empty milk jug into a simple bird feeder for birds and squirrels. })();
. Seriously!! Cut a window in the front of the jug, and make two small poke holes for the perches. Not that the birds will mind if their bird feeder  had a window or not but I thought it would look so cute ( or as my daughter would say  “Adorbs!”) to just place some window opening on the carton. A super easy craft idea to feed birds during winters when finding food for them is a daunting task. Save. Grab your 6 free patterns now! Our milk carton bird feeder is a great way to get creative, recycle, and get outdoors by feeding the beautiful chirping birds around your house. The bright colored bird feeder will attract birds easily. Tie a piece of twine around the neck of the bottle as a hanger for the birdfeeder. Then, puncture a hole below the opening and another hole on the opposite side, and insert a dowel or stick through one hole and out the other to create a perch. With an X-Acto knife, cut the bird feeder's opening in the center of one side of the carton for your child. It did some good though, it still made a bigger and rounder hole. We used bamboo skewers for the bird perches. Your kids would love to turn their favorite drink carton into a bird feeder. Recycle your gallon milk jugs into useful, fun, bird feeders. Follow. I’ve seen this milk carton bird feeder a million times in a million different places, but I never really thought about doing it here until today.. Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Search. Inspired by this tutorial from Hang out with me here and you'll be inspired to make and create. To make the inside floor less slick (for baby bird leg growth safety), adhere a few tiny twigs or a few pine needles to the bottom. Let him paint the outside of the carton in the color of his choice. This milk carton bird feeder is so easy and it’s neat to decorate it. We’ll let you in on a little secret: plastic containers make great bird feeders. It will be a bit tougher to make the hole, now that the top has become thicker from the carton roof so be very careful using the craft knife as you slice the X mark. Then just poke through the X mark all the way through until the chopstick goes in. .. DIY Milk Carton Bird Feeder. Required fields are marked *, eval(ez_write_tag([[970,250],'ideas4diy_com-medrectangle-1','ezslot_7',109,'0','0']));report this adAll Rights Reserved by (c), 17 DIY Milk Jug Bird Feeder | Interesting Ideas with Instructions. Next, wrap string or wire around the neck of the jug so you can hang it up. You can also do as I did; I placed the top of my bird feeder on the folded section of my box carton and added half an inch extra then I cut the box. Here’s how to recycle a milk carton or juice carton to make an excellent bird feeder for finches, sparrows, chickadees and other small feathered visitors to backyard bird feeders. Your email address will not be published. And when they do, my kids and I and my hubby,too, will peek silently so we do not startle them away and just watch them until they fly away with the bread. You can do this project together with your children. It’s Erica from Messy Momma Crafts, here to bring you a fun way to recycle and be creative. Paint the bottom with black acrylic paint. Slice an X mark on the spot you want to insert the stick through. I for one carry a lengthy list of chores on a daily basis. The milk carton has now been recycled into a bird feeder. We were so excited to fill them in with bird seeds and hang them outside the house but Winnipeg decided to snow again. I have always believed the most valuable gift you can give of yourself is your time. Note. If for some reason you don’t have one you can also use a two liter pop bottle, cardboard milk carton or other large drink container. I love watching birds. Keeper Laura teaches us how to make a bird feeder from a used milk container. You can decorate them as you like. Make a wonderful treat-house for your birdie friends this summer! Here is the fun part, painting! Here are some other suggestions for different bird feeders which are easy to make. It is an empty tennis ball container. 3. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Kill your boredom with some useful craft making your own bird feeders with simple instructions. Step 1. They’ll also bring them in closer to your home for your viewing pleasure. Hello! medianet_versionId = "111299";
Just look for any box or carton then cut a shape a half inch bigger than the measurement of the top of your milk carton. Then poke the hole so it will open wider. Clean and dry the milk carton thoroughly. We have been enjoying the outdoors and our yard a lot more than we usually do this time of year. It’s a perfect treat for your backyard birds. Measure the distance from the bottom using a ruler so you can mark the hole on the other side and poke the stick through on a straight path. Take a craft knife and cut out two neat circles on the opposite walls of the milk jug. I just flipped the carton roof over so I won’t need to paint because the box I used was colored and glossy on the front side. I did two of these bird feeders and my kids painted one each,too. Milk carton and juice carton can be upcycled and turned into bird feeders. Then make a knot. The outer part of the carton is glossy and water resistant so ball pen works the best. A few examples are shown to help you see that you can really use whatever you have on hand. First make an outline of the design you want on the carton using a pencil. Yes, you weeehl! When the birds fly by and rest atop a tree branch, I will take a closer look and there I am with a big smile on my face. var isSSL = 'https:' == document.location.protocol;
If you do not want to invest too much time, then keep it simple, without any showy decorations. Nah ah ,not a very good idea so use something else that can bore through the hole. If you just wanna go with the flow and see what you come up with once you hold the paintbrush and you do not want to follow an outline, that is just fine,too. This three-ingredient bird feeder adds both an attractive design element and function to your yard. Finally done. It’s easy to make your own feeder using anything from a square milk container to a round yogurt container! First I needed to wash out the milk bottles and cut windows in the bottom - starting far enough up for a layer of seed to go in the bottom. Article from Just be sure to discard anything that hasn't been eaten after a week or two. Milk Carton Bird Feeder Fill Up. If you are running out of ideas how to use your stacked milk jugs, time to create some recycled crafts. Then follow that measurement as you trace another circle on the other side. It occured to me that with the help of a simple power drill, you could turn just about any recyclable into a bird feeder. 3 Comments. Directions for recycled bird feeder. Fill the bottle from the top with the birdseed and hang your feeder outside for the birds to enjoy. Grab the materials listed and we are ready to rock this: Milk and juice cartonCraft knifeAcrylic paintPaintbrushDisposable chopsticks or bbq sticksStringRulerBallpen. It’s fleeting, there is never enough of it. Finally, line the bottom of the feeder with a few rocks before filling it with … document.write('');
With the onset of summers lets your backyard buzz with birds chirping. Best of all, there are tons of DIY options that serve the dual purpose of helping wildlife while providing a bit of entertainment. This afternoon, I had three antsy, didn’t-want-to-be-stuck-inside kiddos and a loaf of stale bread.I mean really, really stale, thanks to me forgetting that we had it until I saw it today on the shelf. It’s fun to see how each child decorates their bird feeder. Make a hole on the top of the carton where the string will go through. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. There are 4 types of bird feeders that can be used, each tailored for different birds as highlighted in this article. Poke … Oh well, Winnipeg is like a woman having her monthly period…so unpredictable and annoying at times…lol! They're yours! You could use the top for a mushroom bird feeder - next post. So do not throw them just yet. Birds will flock to your yard when they find this bird feeder full of yummy seeds and cheerios. These simple feeders are perfectly functional and can help backyard birders feed more birds without purchasing expensive feeders. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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