Also the therapist may inform patients about their illness and about how to manage it and how to adjust to it. As his father reported that he was a very bright student in his class he always got good grades in all subjects. According to client his father loved him a lot and always tried to cheer him up when he was in sad mood. He seemed to be fragile and weak apparently. No history of smoking or alcohol use was present. He took 20 minutes to complete the test. The client was provided with a copy of the Beck Depression Inventory, so that she could follow along and was asked to report his feelings for the past two weeks, including today. He usually play with his cousins. The client was presented with the complaints of stealing These factual, encouraging phrases are consistent with social reality and client can be encouraged to repeat them consistently to reinforce the ideas for her. The client had satisfactory relationship with his siblings and family members. The informal assessment included mental state examination and formal assessment included Child Depression Inventory (CDI), The Self Image Profile (SIP-C) and The Adolescent Anger Rating Scale (AARS). Seligman, M. E. P., Walker, E. F., & Rosenhan, D. L. (2001). This technique will also be used to decrease the anger level in client. However, not all are so blessed, and many find themselves transiently or permanently in state of isolation. It was relevant. He was able to understand the instructions given to him and could hear the questions easily. Then return to bed. Avoid doing stimulating, frustrating, or anxiety provoking activities in the bed or in the bedroom (watching television, studying, balancing the checkbook, etc.). If you are not sleepy, either don’t go to bed or arise from bed. The science that deals with mental processes and behavior.The emotional and behavioral characteristics of an individual, group, or activity: the psychology of war. Psychological response to amputation as a function of age and time since amputation. Some great examples of case studies in psychology include Anna O, Phineas Gage, and Genie. He was worried that his family was not financially strong they were not able to spend enormously for the treatment as artificial hand for their child so it will be helpful for him to perform his daily tasks. CONFIDENTIAL PSYCHOLOGICAL REPORT For Professional Use OnlyNAME: Jane Smith BIRTHDATE xxxADDRESS: Xxx : AGE: 9 years, 7 months Xxx GRADE: Third grade (completed)PHONE: Xxx SCHOOL: xxxExaminer Debra Bassett, School Psychology Ed.S. Social Psychology Case Studies Examples Case Study Method In. The client continued his school after 3 and half months of his injury as he was recovered now but his hand was amputee which was the cause of distress for him. Client’s fine motor activities also seemed to be fine. The most common is poor circulation because of damage or narrowing of the arteries, called peripheral arterial disease. He could easily differentiate between the sounds of people around. They always cared him and taught him good manners. When teaching anger management to client, a traffic light is effective at encouraging the identification of angry emotions. He could easily explain the similarities and differences between things e.g book and laptop, Tiger and Leopard. The adolescent anger rating scale (APS) was designed to help clinician’s asses several aspect of anger, total anger, specific type of anger (i.e., instrumental anger and reactive anger) and anger control in adolescent ages 11 to 19. The client liked to participate in sports and games. His father worked hard to make money for their family. He could easily identified his right left parts very well. (four months), The informant reported that following symptoms were present in client, Most of the rimes he remains sad. Treatments Home . Links. Like. The client’s vocabulary of English was quite below average as he was not able to spell communication, celebrity, generation, but the vocabulary of Urdu was better as compare to English. Mil Med. He can easily read and understand the things. The client was taken from the Jinnah Hospital with complaints of sadness, anger, sleep disturbances, poor academics and low self esteem. PDF; Size: 425 KB. Sufficient time should be given for the rapport building and for getting the complete and comprehensive information about the client and also for the follow up sessions. Psychological Adaptation to Amputation. • Presentations, diagnoses and/or management of new and emerging diseases. Which dress he had worn yesterday. The results of the test applied on the client placed him among the category of slightly above average depressed children individuals. [2.1.0] ASSESSMENT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL WELLBEING [2.1.1.] He knew the persons around well, also was well aware of the place he was living in. The difficult items or their responses were repeated again for his convenience when he asked for, so that he could comprehend the test easily. He liked to watch cartoon of tom & jerry with his siblings and cousins. The Butler Self Image Profiles (SIP) is brief self-report measures that provide a visual display of both self-image and self-esteem. (six months), He gets very angry as compared before. The client was very lively and enjoyed every moment of his life now he remained sad for a long period of time. After that incident he mostly spent his time at home and did not play with his friends outside the home. This technique will be used to change the behavior of client during studies to motivate him to work hard. The instructions were given to him according to the manual. According to client her mother taught him how to eat healthy food and dress himself, to how to react to the situation. Range His affect was restricted did not show high emotions. Often the client will have been too focused on the identified problem that he has lost perspective on the other areas of his life. As he tell the correct meaning of Urdu word. Retrieved from, Neuman, F. (2013). Banerjee S, editor. This meditation teaches people to focus on the very present moment, just noticing whatever they are experiencing, be it pleasant or unpleasant, without trying to change it. One of the greatest advantages of a cas… The standard length of the case summary is 5-8 pages, depending upon the complexity of the The may be encouraging statements such as “I can accomplish this task” or “I don’t have to get upset in these situations” (Dryden, 1994; Ellis, 1957, 1988; Yankura & Dryden, 1990 as cited in Ellis & Maclaren, 1998). The environment of hospital was not appropriate for psychological assessment. He liked to play cricket and football with his father on Sunday. Others may also serve as a useful reference. No physiological illness, psychiatric disorder or major injury was reported in the client. Try not to nap. Richardson ML, Chew FS. Exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, is good for both sleep and overall health and should be encouraged. Psychiatric consultation for acute amputees. Shula and colleagues (1982) and Frierson and Lippmann (1987) note that as many as 50% of all amputees require some sort of psychological intervention, and Shula and colleagues (1982) reported that depression is the most common psychological reaction among amputees. The scores of The Self-Image Profile. (1998). MBCT helps client to stop their mind wandering off into thoughts about the future or the past, or trying to avoid unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Home; Syllabus; Modules; Chat; Student Course Evaluations; Instructor Course Evaluations (six months), I don’t want to go out of the home because everyone watches me weirdly. The time given to carry out the assessment was too short and it was impossible to collect the complete, detailed and in depth information about the client in that short period of time.

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