The Champion can also take a second plaguespurt gauntlet for a total of 58 points, and if you’re already taking him, you might as well – another D6 shots if you can’t make the charge is probably worthwhile. Death Guard for Kill Teams with Death Guard tactics cards. The combi-plasma is good value here at 3 points – if you’re already putting this many points into one model, another 3 points to make it deal out damage as well as it can take it are likely well-spent. Their core units are expensive – even moreso than other Marines – but they’re tough as nails and can manage the heaviest weapons with ease. Lorenthia is gone, The Shadow Deep has swallowed it whole. – Deep strike a Terminator that you set up in reserve. Trades a point of AP for the ability to re-roll 1s to wound and deal multiple damage without overcharging. The new Plague Marine models are suitably disgusting with loads of horrible details, tentacles spilling out of cracked armour and all sorts of boils lesions and buboes. A Demolition Specialist carrying this adds 1 to Wound Rolls, re-rolls fails, and hits automatically, even if the target is obscured. One of the Forge World character options, created to match the Death Guard Sorcerer model they put out a few years ago. On a non-Arena board, the autocannon is worth considering, but a Terminator with plague spewer is a solid choice anywhere, whether you deep strike it into your opponent’s backline, or simply use it to discourage chargers in an Arena game. For the first time in 40k's history, Grandfather Nurgle's favorite pus-sacks have gotten their own Codex, and it's a solid mix of the fluffy and crunchy. A Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team – The Dolorous Strain: Death Guard Kill Team egy közepesen összetett kiegészítő a Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team társasjátékhoz, 2 - 4 játékos részére. They’ve already been shipped to the NOCF for the auction in August, more info about can be found here. You can unsubscribe at any time. No matter the foe, your ability to bring several powerful weapons to bear will make the various objectives that reward you for killing your opponents tempting. – Your Tactics choices are unimpressive. CSM will use massive amounts of cultists to deal with the flies. An all-around solid choice that competes with the plasma gun. The Seven-fold Chant: If your kill team is Battle-forged, and you have a Tallyman on the battlefield that is not shaken, roll 2D6 each time you spend Command Points to use a Death Guard Tactic. With a simple entry, The Plasma Guard Team kinda breaks the game, making everyone not stocking up on the plasma guns feel like they’re not taking The Right Choice, and wastes the opportunity to use the conceptually cool and much more fitting for KT action Veterans. The typical Kill team “meta” Death Guard list I usually see is:-champ leader with plasma gun/plague sword-blight launcher marine x2 (usually demo or heavy spec on one or both)-flail of corruption or great plague cleaver marine x2 (usually zealot or combat on one or both)-poxwalkers x2 Previously, I’ve seen posts from other players on the internet discussing how good Death Guard teams are. Models are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Once you close to within 18”, overcharged plasma is stronger against all targets, but the blight launcher is a stronger choice at long range and is nearly as effective all-around with less risk. United States Burnsville Minnesota. His Seven-fold Chant ability is interesting, giving you a 1-in-6 chance of refunding CP spent on Tactics. Build based on your opponent’s list, and default to the axe if you’re not sure. I used one of the Plague Marines from the Dark Imperium Box, a Nemesis Warding Staff from the Grey Knights and two Chaos Marauder Flails for the Flail of Corruption conversion. The Champion can also take a second plaguespurt gauntlet for a total of 58 points, and if you’re already taking him, you might as well – another D6 shots if you can’t make the charge is probably worthwhile. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. This is a trade worth making – moving from S6 to S7 isn’t a breakpoint against most targets you’ll run across, and reliable 3 damage attacks at AP-3 will absolutely chew through most enemy kill teams. The entire team is armed to handle any threat they may encounter, as dictated by the tenets of the Death Guard. Unfortunately, it’s held back by its low AP value and the fact that you can’t take the Mace without the companion Axe, so you’re paying a total of 5 points. Plasma guns are stronger than the blight launcher when overcharged, but risky. Warhammer 40k Kill Team Nurgle Death Guard Champion Well Painted White Scars. What does a death guard kill team look like with elites?

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