posted on Our agile process adheres to the ‘fail fast, learn fast’ mantra. The standard supports both the Cabinet Office spend controls and protects the integrity of GOV.UK itself. As such, we implement Google Analytics across all our sites to collect insightful user data that aids future site improvements. Using agile methodology throughout the design and build stages of the project supports a closer working relationship and ensures collaboration with our client throughout. In the real world agile isn't always beneficial and GDS needs to make this clear - otherwise it'll dogmatically drive up unnecessary costs and complexity, and users will be left with the feeling that agile is a political stick to beat them with. This allows us to assess if there are opportunities for efficiencies or improvements to be made. Created by the Government Digital Service (GDS), a transactional service must meet each criteria to pass an assessment. You will have heard us ramble on about our collaborative working approach time and time again - we are extremely proud of this and it has helped us to develop award-winning websites over the years. Download the new Service Standard poster . All public facing transactional services must meet the standard. Digital by default service standard Posted by: Kate Towsey , Posted on: 19 June 2014 - Categories: User researchers: what you need to do to pass the Digital by Default Service Assessment The Government of Canada’s Digital Standards form the foundation of the government’s shift to becoming more agile, open, and user-focused. They will guide teams in designing digital services in a way that best serves Canadians. Our research begins at proposal stage where we take time to understand our clients marketplace and competitor USPs enabling us to provide suggestions and advice for the project moving forward. This was just the start. Test the waters. Comment by The Digital Service Standard is a set of best-practice principles for designing and delivering government services. Each point of the criteria looks at different aspects of a digital service. You’ll have 30 minutes before the assessment to set up equipment, or get the room ready. GOV.UK service and product owners need to upload an accessibility page and publishers need to upload an accessible documents policy. The acceptance criteria is also to be included in the supplier’s exit plan. on 02 April 2014. We were over the moon to see a public body taking such a proactive approach to qualifying digital standards, an approach that is very much in line with our own process. To successfully apply it, government agencies must meet the criteria. Comment by posted on We will make sure that assessments happen at some point after an alpha is completed, before a service is launched on GOV.UK as a beta, and finally before a service goes ‘live’ and is certified as Digital by Default. Digital first and digital by default refer to a shift in organisational culture away from favouring traditional channels to prioritising digital ones. Does the guidance explain when agile is *not* the right answer? digital by default principles Along with the once only & transparency principles, this approach aims to digitalize & simplify the administration; increase efficiency of data use so that citizens must only supply it once; & boost transparency of how the government uses data. We have utilised the agile approach to great success when working with clients including EDF Energy Group, The Courtauld Institute of Art, Young Vic and the University of Southampton and all our future projects will be subject to our agile process, thus ensuring that we practice what we preach as a “people business”. We have also been working with the Office of the Chief Information Officer in SG to ensure Digital First aligns with the government’s overarching assurance framework.More information on our Digital First Service Standard. Defining Digital Service 15 3. You may have heard us harp on about it before, but we’re big lovers of the agile methodology. All new or redesigned 2. The standard has 3 themes: 1. user needs- focus on what your users want to do rather than the organisation’s objectives or the mechanics of delivering your service 2. technology … We will also increasingly be able to provide citizens and patients with direct and im… One other change is to clarify the stages of assessments. provides a list of standards related to government, whilst schema.org16 contains more general schema for structured data on the Internet. Suite 9, 4th Floor, Building 3, Universal Square, Devonshire St N. Suppliers’ warranties also no longer extend to … In the last year we have run over 50 assessments, using the standard as the basis for deciding if a service is on track to be Digital by Default. As a result, the team is split into multi-disciplinary sub-teams on a project by project basis dependent on individual skillsets and resource required. The Digital First Service Standard sets the standard for all online services, which are to be provided via Although it has never affected the outcome of an assessment, some points of the standard seem to lack the clarity that we have come to expect. A service is assessed against the standard at 3 different stages to make sure it’s on track. Digital by Default Service Assessment user researcher checklist In preparation for a service assessment (going from alpha to beta, during beta or going into the live stage), the user researcher may need to provide details of the user research work they’ve carried out in respect of the service.

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