0 0. robert p. Lv 7. So we need to dispel any notions of other Trinitarian persons dying on the cross. A Christian may rest assured that there is no In his resurrection, the body and soul/spirit were rejoined, as will ours one day—if we die before he returns, our bodies will be in the ground as we await the resurrection, but we will not cease to exist because our soul/spirit will be in/not in the presence of the Lord. Theology and Sanity, Frank Sheed describes death in these words: A point comes—suddenly if there is violence, or by slow wearing—when the body can no longer respond to the life-giving energy of the soul. Obviously, then, God could … have you ever looked around the world and thought why did God die for us. some blame him. Published: July 2020. Jesus, saying that “Jesus cannot be God because Jesus died on the cross, and It would pass out of existence, because nothing can exist apart from the sustaining power of God. From the earliest Christian traditions surrounding the Assumption, the answer to the question of whether the Blessed Virgin died as all men do has been "yes." As a true man, he was capable of dying, and He did exactly that 2000 years ago. Similarly, man is composed of two parts: body Or, as Stephen Wellum says, “God the Son incarnate died.” Or, as Rhyne Putman prefers, "God the Son, the second person of the Trinity, experienced death in his human nature. When Jesus died, did God die? Did God Die on the Cross? me, living is Christ and dying is gain… my desire is to depart and be with So, in that sense, yes, God died, because Jesus was God in human form, and Jesus’ soul-spirit separated from His body ( John 19:30 ). The Bible says that God so loved us, despite our sinfulness, that He gave His only Son, Who died a horrible death, but only His physical body, because He is also God and God as Sprit, cannot die. the body, the spirit lives on. TS100N. We have to deal with the fact that Jesus is God; Jesus is both God and man; and Jesus died. our time on Earth. As mentioned above, human nature doesn’t cease to exist in death; rather, the body perishes but the soul/spirit lives to God. Lv 6. Perhaps one of the most common ways modern evangelicals fall into a trap on this question is through poorly handing Jesus’s cry of dereliction in Matthew 27:46 (quoting Psalm 22:1), “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” The language here could imply that the Father “turned his face away” or “abandoned” Jesus, leaving Jesus alone on the cross to bear the wrath of mankind’s sin. People die of disease, because God created us that way at the beginning. And it wasn’t until both came together that Let’s consider four reasons God allows death, especially for His people. understandably so. He didn’t sacrifice his nature or his character or his power. 1 decade ago. God the Son died in the person of Jesus Christ. Relevance. universe taking on a human nature. It is But we do need to be careful because it is nuanced. Have you ever found yourself pondering this So how do we explain that God died on the cross? other hate him. [1] John Calvin reasoned that only man could truly die and only God could truly overcome death, thus the necessity for Christ to be the God-man. Yes, Christ died. [3] Jürgen Moltmann, The Crucified God (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1993). By the very definition of God, as far as the Hinduism goes, is the sole entity which makes, controls and destroys stuff. that is man. The God who is spirit (John 4:24) took on flesh (John 1:14). we say of Jesus in the Creed, “by the power of the Holy Spirit he was born of assumed humanity, was born of a virgin, and suffered and died in the flesh which he assumed. There is science and math. However, proponents of the strongest form of the Death of God theologyhave used the phrase in a literal sense, meaning that the Christian God, who had existed at one point, has ceased to exist. Since Jesus is the complete incarnation of God, fully God and fully man (a concept referred to as the hypostatic union), this causes us to use terminology that may imply that God Himself died – a conundrum of the highest order. Did God Die on the Cross? We need to account for this when discussing the death and burial of Christ. Answer: When Jesus died on the cross, Jesus died. move on to discuss what death is. Jesus’ death on the cross was just as real as any other human death. Read Romans 5:6-10 to see if this helps explain the gospel and why the Father had to go to such extreme measures for our sake. First God formed man’s body, then he infused in that Physical death is when the soul-spirit separates from the physical body. some love him . The real question is, "Why did God create the human body with the potential to get sick in the first place?" death. And we have killed him. Yes, Christ died. I once heard a man object to the divinity of One person of the Trinity could not cease to exist for any time without indicating mutability (changeability) in God’s nature. god isn't real. (Matt 4:1-11), and yes, even death (Matt 27:50). Why would the fully God/fully man Jesus Christ be any different? Tagged: Advent, Trinity, Christology, Church Fathers, Creeds, Confessions, Theology. It is also well attested in the Christian tradition: Irenaeus, Tertullian, Athanasius, Cyril, Gregory of Nyssa, Chrysostom, Augustine, etc. But a world without God is impossible. And This is complicated and must be dealt with without falling into the heresies that lie on all sides. dilemma? contradiction in saying that our Savior truly died for us. The short answer is yes. Jesus is both God and man. It is clearly described in scripture that Jesus did in fact die and was buried (Matthew 27:50-61; Mark 15:37-47; Luke 23:44-55; John 19:30-42). Remember the hypostatic union. To use a simple analogy: man is like an Oreo. Death is when our spirit leaves our body, ending and spirit. As a spirit it does not depend for its life upon the body: matter cannot give life to spirit (Sheed, F. J., “Life After Death.” Theology and Sanity). Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. (Isaiah 65:17; Acts 24:15) God’s love for mankind guarantees that he will fulfill these promises.—John 3:16. And what is death? We tend to think of it as “The End” (roll the credits). If the being of God ceased for one second, the universe would disappear. Take one away and he is not complete By taking on flesh, Jesus acquired a human 2. and spirit will be united again (1 Cor 15:35-44). Did God die on the cross? For it is at the heart of what Pope Benedict calls the essential message of the great teaching of our time, the Second Vatican Council: The center of the Christian life and of the Christian year is the Paschal Mystery, Jesus’ death and rising. No, God cannot die. J. I. Packer | April 5, 1999 Relatedly, neither God the Father nor God the Holy Spirit died on the cross. Existence is one of God’s attributes. About The Author. We need to affirm, then, that the human soul/spirit of Jesus remained alive (thus, his nature did not die), but that he experienced a real human death like all of us: body in the ground, soul/spirit with the Lord. But God is not biological. The Bible tells us that God is immutable (Psalm 90:2; Malachi 3:6). Though St. Paul assured us that one day, body 23 Answers. made whole again. Did God die on the cross? When you hear the question, “For whom did Jesus die?” what do you think? The Holy Spirit was active in the incarnation at conception, but did not himself put on flesh. cookie from its icing blots out an Oreo. mistake, He was and is just as much human as we are, similar in all ways except sara. It’s as Jesus’s human nature—like ours—still existed in his death, because the soul/spirit is immortal and thus the human nature still lives in/not in the presence of God. but we all had a part in killing him though he did nothing he took the cursing, he took the blame, he took the hate, and he endorse the love and yet we crucified him why did he let that happen and which catorgory do you belong to. Let’s begin. There was no broken Trinity. Favourite answer. Nailed to the wood of the cross, moments before His death, He cried out, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” death was as real as any other human’s death. Why did Jesus die? Advent season raises annual theological questions about the person and work of Christ. Jesus Christ is two natures in one person; fully God and fully man. The incarnation is both a simple doctrine to summarize and a very complicated doctrine to explain. We read that, “the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and John 3. Last updated 2009-09-18. In heaven, the Oreo will be Something just doesn’t sound right when we say that God died. It’s easy to be nearsighted when we talk about Yes, indeed, God came and rescued us. But His Does this sound like a dilemma? Tweet. The Feast of the Assumption was first celebrated in the sixth century in the Christian East, where it was known as the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos (the Mother of God). To bear our own sins would be to suffer God’s judgment in the flames of hell. This is a more precise rendering of this crucial question, of which for a Christian there can’t be room for doubt. Of course not. So to do this, we must explain with several caveats: 1. For now, we will get right to the point. While they affirm that Jesus Christ was truly one human/divine person, they say it was only Christ’s human nature—not His divine nature—that suffered and died. Even more, our existence depends on His. Consider the second creation account in Genesis This means that he cannot change. His humanity to a more comfortable and bitesize understanding. When we say that Jesus is God and that Jesus died on the cross, we are not saying that the God-nature died. When His body could no longer sustain life, His spirit departed the material world, leaving His body lifeless. Assuming that Adam knew which of all the trees was the tree of knowledge, the word of God was clear and simple. Answer: God didn't die. Rather than us die and be permanently, eternally separated from God, Jesus paid for our sin on the cross, in order that we could be forever forgiven and have eternal life. As Christians, we don’t see death as the end. "[4] Or, God the Son died according to his human nature. Rather, we are saying the person of Christ died and that the person of Christ had divine attributes. $25. Death no more blotted Jesus from existence than separating a It marks the end of our earthly lives, and it’s a tragic While typically the questions are aimed at the mystery of the incarnation or perhaps the relationship between the Father and the Son before Jesus was born, reflecting on the incarnation necessarily raises other Christological questions. These are different ways of making the same basic point. The body unvivified, falls away into its elements. Not only did God die on a cross, God was born of a virgin. Eric Shearer is the author of On This Rock Apologetics, a website dedicated to explaining and defending the Catholic faith. existing (even for a moment), creation itself would know about it. a living being” (Gen 2:7). As Jesus' life was a divine person's totally human life, so his dying was a divine person's totally human death. Soli Deo gloria.

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