These sea slugs are primarily found on coral reefs and exist in different forms and sizes, but most are partially translucent. Adult dugongs grow to attain a weight of 926 pounds and a length of 9.8 feet, but a few individuals have been known to grow to weigh over 2,000 pounds and attain a length surpassing 13 feet. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world and occupies an area of 62.46 million square miles about a third of the earth’s surface area. Some speculate that there are 9 million species that have not yet been discovered. Conservation Status The Humboldt penguin […], o o  Name Scientific name: Megaptera novaenanglia. The first official register of what lives in the oceans has revealed that the marine environment may be home to as many as a million species of animals and plants, but only about a … It is preyed on by big sharks and killer whales. Given the vast size of the ocean, it is impossible to know the exact number of species that live there. As […], The red lionfish (Pterois volitans) belongs to the pteroinae genus which has 10 species of lionfish. Blue Whales can be found in all major oceans of […], Taxonomy Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Cetacea Suborder: Odontoceti Family: Delphinidae, Inidae, Lipotidae, Plantanstidae, Pontoporiidae. The Hawksbill Turtle is a sea turtle that has decreased in number due poaching for its beautiful shell. The Pacific white-sided dolphin is a dolphin found in the Northern Pacific. Common name: Humpback whale, hump whale, hunchbacked whale. The fur seal is closely related to the sea lion, and the two share several characteristics including the fact that both have external ears. Its population has declined over 80% in a century. Adult males grow to attain a body length of 26 feet and a weight of 6.6 short tons. Adult males grow to 440 pounds in weight and 8.2 feet in length while adult females grow to 330 pounds in weight and 7.5 feet in length. Enhiyndra comes from the Ancient Greek word for “water” and lutris from the Latin word for “otter”. The Pacific Ocean extends from Alaska to Cape Horn in the American Continent and from Kamchatka to Australia. Scientific name: Dermochelys coriacea Conservation Status by Subpopulations East Pacific Ocean subpopulation: Critically Endangered. The Humpback Whale is another marine mammal found in the Pacific Ocean, mostly in large concentrations in the North Pacific. Most sea slugs have feather-like structures on their backs which are used as gills. Conservation Status The vaquita is the most endangered cetacean after the  was declared functionally extinct in 2006. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world and occupies an area of 62.46 million square miles about a third of the earth’s surface area. List of fish and marine mammals that call the Pacific Ocean home. Staff writer ... During the 19th and early 20th century its population was rapidly depleted. November 21, 2008 by Beach Chair Scientist 1 Comment (Please note: This post does not give an exact answer to the question.) The Dugong is a marine mammal which closely resembles the manatee. Seadevil Anglerfish. The hammerhead shark is one of the most common marine creatures of the Pacific Ocean. Research suggests, however, that the number of species in the ocean is decreasing. Introduction. Scientific name: Carcharodon carcharias. The deep ocean is full of wonders and the anglerfish is another one of them. The sea otter has a relatively small size compared to other marine mammals with adults having a maximum weight of 100 pounds and a body length of 59 inches. ... Trunkback Turtle, Coffinback, Luth. The giant squid is one of the most elusive of all Pacific marine creatures with extremely few live specimens being caught. It is used in a variety […], Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Animalia Chordata Aves Sphenisciformes Spheniscidae Spheniscus Speniscus humboldti   Did you know? It is one of the planet’s most productive marine systems and offers one of the greatest biodiversity of life and ecosystems. These species include; the leatherback, the hawksbill, the green turtle, the flat back, the loggerhead, the olive ridley and the Kemp’s ridley. Thanks for subscribing! If you would like understand everything with regards to the ocean and marine life, the best place to begin with is the largest ocean on earth, the Pacific Ocean. This enormous marine mammal exhibits sexual dimorphism with adult males being far bigger than females. Scientific name: Dermochelys coriacea Conservation Status by Subpopulations East Pacific Ocean subpopulation: Critically Endangered. The octopi species vary in size with the largest being the Giant Pacific Octopus which can grow to attain a body weight of 150 pounds. Especially if you … Common name: Galapagos penguin. Every year, 100,000 marine animals such as whales, dolphins, sharps, seals, turtles, fish and other marine animals suffer and die because of eating plastic particles … While seahorses appear to be very different from other fishes in the sea, they are fish nonetheless. The Pacific Ocean extends from Alaska to Cape Horn in the American Continent and from Kamchatka to Australia. The Pacific Ocean is located between Americas to the East of … Also known as orca, the killer whale is a member of the dolphin family and is the largest of them all. The sea otter is a popular resident of the northern Pacific Ocean with high populations found in northern and eastern Pacific coast. Blue Whale – Balaenoptera musculus. The giant squid is one of the largest invertebrates in the world (second to the larger colossal squid) with adults growing to be as long as 43 feet with females being relatively larger than males. Ocean fishes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and live in drastically different depths and temperatures. The species exhibits sexual dimorphism with males being larger than females. The 10 Coldest Cities In The United States. Tokyo Tsukiji Market is the largest wholesale market of bluefin tuna. Despite this diversity, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reported in 2016 that 89.5% of fish stocks are fully fished or overfished. Coastal Care Advertisement All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020 Actually, starfish, coral, and sponges are animals. These whales are migratory mammals and can cover 16,000 miles annually in their migrations. Algae can't be considered a plant or animal. How many animals and plants live in the ocean? Adult manta rays grow to attain a body length of 29.5 feet and an average weight of 2,000 pounds. What is and fact about the Pacific Ocean? There is insufficient reliable trend data of […], 0 Taxonomy Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Chondrichthyes Order: Carcharhiniformes Family: Carcharhinidae Genus: Negaprion Species: Negaprion brevirostris 0 Name Scientific Name: Negaprion brevirostris. Physeter is derived from the Greek word for “blowpipe or blowhole” Macrocephalus is derived from Greek meaning “big head”. The Northern elephant seal is found in the northern Pacific along the North American coast. Atlantic Ocean Animals. the pacific has more that 1,234,768 known species in the pacific ocean. Its status was […], o o Name Common name: Leatherback, Leatherback Sea Turtle, Leathery Turtle, Trunkback Turtle, Coffinback, Luth. List of fish and marine mammals that call the Pacific Ocean home. Male stellar sea lions have a robust neck which is covered by a mane resembling that of male lions. Also some sargassum. Northern fur seals are more closely related to sea lions than to true seals, both have external earflaps, which true seals lack. Conservation Status […], Interesting Facts Tokyo Tsukiji Market is the largest wholesale market of Southern blue fish tuna. Squid, sharks, salmon and other fish species made up the roughly 16,000 animals tagged and followed along the 3,000 miles of receivers on the west coast of North America, from the Alaskan coast down to central California. These animals are also the loudest animals on earth. 100,000,000+ kinds of species of animals live in Ocean. These large marine mammals are found in the warm regions of the Western Pacific. The leatherback turtle is the largest of all sea turtles with adults attaining an average weight of 1,500 pounds. It covers an area roughly twice the size of Texas, and contains an estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic weighing nearly 80,000 tonnes. Novaeangliae for New England where the humpback was first described scientifically. Humans rely on the oceans for their important natural resources. One of the most important reasons for the global decline of the Hawksbill Sea Turtle has been the high demand for its richly patterned shell. Megaptera is derived from the Greek mega for “large” and pteron for “wing”. The ocean is a massive place and exploring it all is a daunting task. The ocean depth ranges from shallow waters near coastlines to the Mariana Trench which plunges 35,797 feet below the ocean’s surface. Phocoena sinus is listed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It is the … What are the best apartment dogs? Of those, 38 are marine dolphins and 4 are river dolphins. Location: Where is the Pacific Ocean? This is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - a giant part of the Pacific Ocean bigger than New South Wales filled with floating plastic. The ocean covers almost three-quarters of the Earth’s surface and is one of the most important animal habitats. Ocean animals list for kids (and adults) with pictures and facts. The seagrass is a plant that grows in the Pacific Ocean. The killer whale is a typical resident of the Pacific Ocean and is the ocean’s apex predator. From the freezing polar regions to the warm waters of the tropics and deep sea hydrothermal vents to shallow seagrass beds, marine organisms abound. The humpback whale has distinctly large pectoral fins. Join AZ Animals FREE to get amazing animal facts, printable animal activities, and much more sent directly to you. Scientists believe that there are over 1 million species of animals and plants living in the ocean. Acropora florida (Branch Coral) If you want to find this beautiful coral, you can look for it along the … Nesting females and nests declined by 97.4% during the past three generations. These marine mammals are found in the Northern Pacific Ocean. Seagrass. It is 64 million square miles. Taxonomy Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Syngnathiformes Family: Syngnathidae Subfamily: […], Name Common name: Sperm Whale, Spermacet Whale, Cachelot, Pot Whale. They also have the ability to walk on all […], 0 Name Scientific name: Orcinus orca Common name: Orca whale, killer whale. Taxonomy Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Cetacea Suborder: Odontoceti Family: Delphinidae Genus: Orcinus Species: Orcinus orca 0 Physical Features The orca whale is the largest member of the dolphin family. According to the Smithsonian National Museum of National History there are 47 species of seahorses. They are the only species to live and breed in tropical climate. Dugongs are strictly herbivores and spend most of their time feeding on sea grass found on the sea floor. Which Island Countries Are Located In The Pacific Ocean? 0 0 Distribution and Habitat There are 42 species of dolphins found around the world. Discover amazing animals that live in the ocean. These sharks are easily identifiable due to the shape of their heads which resemble a hammer. Marine crustaceans are ubiquitous, meaning that they can be found anywhere within the ocean. Scientific name: Dermochelys coriacea Conservation Status by Subpopulations East Pacific Ocean subpopulation: Critically Endangered. Arctic Ocean Animals. […], Galapagos Penguin – Spheniscus mendiculus, Great White Shark – Carcharodon carcharias, Hawksbill Sea Turtle – Eretmochelys imbricata, Leatherback Sea Turtle – Dermochelys coriacea, Pacific Bluefin Tuna – Thunnus orientalis. The Pacific Ocean has an expansive coral reef structure that provides a place to live for many of the smaller ocean animals that would be … During the 20th century the species was almost exterminated due to commercial whaling. Giant squids are found in the Northern Pacific near Japan. The Pacific is home to numerous species of penguins which include the Galapagos Penguin, the Humboldt Penguin, the Magellanic Penguin, the Rockhopper Penguin, the Yellow-Eyed Penguin, and the Crested Penguin. Mollusca is the 2nd largest phylum of invertebrates after Arthropoda, consisting of over 85,000 known species. About 80% of the Atlantic and Pacific Bluefin Tuna is consumed in Japan. Tagging of Pacific Predators Male northern elephant seals face off for the best beach territory for mating season. Best Apartment Dogs: The Absolutely Best 9 Picks. Crustaceans such as lobsters, crabs and shrimp also live in the ocean, as do mollusks such as squid and octopuses. The Elephant Seal is the biggest seal species in the Pacific and exists in two types the northern elephant seal and the southern elephant seal. Fishing is the principal livelihood for over 200 million people and provides the main source of protein for more than a … Due to its enormous size, the Pacific Ocean is home to a wide array of marine creatures, some of which are found nowhere else on earth. They stay along the coast and islands between 30 degrees north and […], Interesting Facts The Hawsksbill Sea Turtle is the most endangered of all the turtle species. These dolphins are quite agile and are only preyed on by killer whales. Pacific Ocean: The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean and the largest single geographic feature on Earth.It is bound by the western coast of North and South America to the east, the coasts of Asia, and Australia to the west, and the more newly-designated (2000) the Southern Ocean to the south. These species are aquatic and can also be found in freshwater bodies. It is comparable to the amount of stars in the sky. Crustaceans include animals such as lobsters, crabs, crayfish, prawns, shrimps, barnacles, woodlice, and krill. Some estimates report the world’s oceans are home to 20,000 species of fish. However, some individuals develop to reach a maximum weight of 660 pounds. The Pacific Ocean is the largest of all ocean biomes in the world. Common Name: Lemon shark. Northeast Indian Ocean subpopulation: Data Deficient. With over 80 percent of the ocean unmapped, we’re discovering more and more new species that live in the very deepest regions. Of the two species Pterois volitans makes up 90% of the total. The ray is a solitary animal and is surprisingly docile despite its immense size. Killer whales exhibit sexual dimorphism with males being significantly larger than females. Other plants in the pacific- kelp, oarweed, gulfweed, sea cabbage. Distribution and Habitat Galapagos penguins live in the northernmost habitat of all penguin species. Indian Ocean animals. Conservation Status The humpback whale is listed as Least Concern by the IUCN. 0 Physical Features The white shark has a dorsal fin on top of its body, two pectoral fins at the bottom […], 0 Taxonomy Family: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia Order: Testudines Family: Cheloniidae Genus: Chelonia Species: Chelonia mydas 0 Name Scientific name: Chelonia mydas Common name: Green turtle, green sea turtle, black sea turtle. An adult elephant seal has an average weight of 2000 pounds with few bulls growing to be as big as 6,000 pounds. List of animals that live in the Indian Ocean. Blue Whale are the largest animals to have ever existed on earth, due to its size there are no Blue Whales in captivity. It is one of the planet’s most productive marine systems and offers one of the greatest biodiversity of life and ecosystems. It prefers to thrive in the shallow … They are […], 0 Taxonomy Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Chondrichthyes Order: Lamniformes Family: Lamnidae Genus: Carcharodon Species: Carcharodon carcharias   Name Common name: Great white shark, white shark, white pointer or great white. The ocean biome at the greatest risk of problems for plant and animal life is the Atlantic Ocean. It is half the size of the Pacific Ocean but it is the one that has the most traffic. Most recent blog post. ... Trunkback Turtle, Coffinback, Luth. Two of them, Pterois volitans and Pterois miles, are invasive species in the North West Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean. Fur seals are exclusively found in the northern hemisphere. These penguins vary in size with the smallest being 2.2 pounds in weight and has a height of 15.7 inches while the largest is 75 pounds in weight and has a height of 43 inches. The Pacific is the world’s largest ocean, spreading halfway around the world and comprising 48 percent of the world’s water. The Pacific white-sided dolphin has a gray back and a creamy white belly and neck. Shellfish is a term used to refer to aquatic invertebrates such as crustaceans, mollusks, and echinoderms. This distinct shape of their heads enables the shark to have a 360-degree vision. Adult sharks grow to reach a weight of 1,278 pounds and a body length of 19.7 feet. Animals living along Pacific beaches must be … Habitat Sea otters live in coastal areas, primarily in the ocean but they […], The Latin name for seahorse is Hippocampus which means “Horse Caterpillar”. They have large black body with white belly and a grey […], Interesting Facts There are three types of bluefin tuna: Pacific, Atlantic and Southern. Which Continent Does Not Border The Pacific Ocean? In 2013 a 222 kl tuna was sold for $1.8 million or $8,000 a kilogram (2.2 lb). Sea slugs are carnivores, and they prey on jellyfish, plankton, and anemones. The manta ray is found around coral reefs where it hunts small fish and tiny crustaceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch sits between Hawaii and California and is the biggest accumulation of ocean plastic on the planet. The Northern Pacific is home to the largest of all rays, the Manta Ray. It … 0 Taxonomy Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii […], Taxonomy Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Mustelidae Genus: Enhyndra Species: Enhyndra lutris o o Name Common name: Sea otter. "Fur Seal" is the term given to nine species of seals in the sub-family Arctocephalinae. The octopus is one of the most abundant cephalopods in the Pacific Ocean with different species being found in various parts of the ocean. The highest density of orcas in the Pacific Ocean is found in the northern Pacific near the Aleutian Islands. This species was previously considered as a subspecies of the or the Recreational and game fishers of Southern Bluefin Tuna is allowed in Australia and […], o o Name Scientific name: Phocoena sinus Common name: Vaquita, Gulf Porpoise, Gulf of California Porpoise. It is still the heaviest species of the family “Mustelidae.” These marine mammals are omnivores feeding on small marine animals and seaweed. Echinoderms, such as sea stars and sea urchins, live in the ocean. The great body of salt water is home to a vast array of creatures, many of which live on the shore. And the Indian Ocean is relatively unexplored compared to the Atlantic and Pacific. Oceans contain the greatest diversity of life on Earth. Female humpback whales are significantly larger than their male counterparts with adult females growing to an average weight range of between 28 short tons and 33 short tons and an average body length of 52 feet. In 2013 a 222 kl tuna was sold for $1.8 million or $8,000 a kilogram. Distribution and Habitat  They inhabit the coastal inshore waters of the northwest Atlantic Ocean from the coast of the state of New Jersey to Southern Brazil, the Caribbean […], o Interesting facts Of the 9 species of fur seals in the world’s oceans only the Northern fur seal lives in the northern hemisphere. Animals that live in the ocean include marine mammals such as dolphins and whales and many kinds of marine fish. Sea turtle is the collective term used to describe seven species of aquatic shelled reptiles. The octopus has one of the largest brain-to-body ratios in all invertebrates, and it also has an extensive and complex nervous system. The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest ocean on Earth. Do the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean Mix? List of animals that live in the Arctic Ocean. The sea turtles are found in the tropical regions of the Pacific, but individual turtles lay their eggs in the same breeding grounds located on beaches throughout their lives. List of animals that live in the Atlantic Ocean. Scientific name: Physeter macrocephalus. Pacific Ocean Animals. The Pacific species has rebounded since then but the Atlantic and Laptev […] Read more . Now both import… Atlantic Bluefin Tuna – Thunnus thynnus.

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