As this page is copyrighted and formally registered, it is unlawful to make copies, especially in the form of printouts for personal use. Only the FA manual focus camera has it, and most of the AF film cameras have it. 6.) Df Full Compatibility Full Compatibility Full Compatibility Limited Compatibility* Full Compatibility Nikon 1 series with FT-1 Some AI lenses Compatible Full Compatibility Full Compatibility Limited Compatibility* Full Compatibility Limited Compatibility† Can only be used as a manual focus lens. ©, Mirrorless    Digital SLRs    Pro 35mm    Mid-price 35mm   Cheap 35mm. Introduced in 2000. On cameras on which a mode is supported by the camera, but not with a lens you've mounted, the camera will default seamlessly back to a mode which is supported. THANK YOU for helping me help everyone! *** Matrix metering with manual focus lenses in the digital SLRs (D2, D3, D200 and D300) expects you to enter the lens focal length and f/stop in the camera's menus. They won't work on any 35mm camera either. Some of the oldest cameras here may have some weirdneses like no ability to turn off VR or no instant manual-overide (you'll have to move a switch), but all of these will focus and shoot well. P, S, A, M on D5600, D5500, D5300and D3300. My manual for my D40, for instance, says that non-AI can NOT be used, but I find they work as well as AI lenses. M, OK AF Nikon G lenses designed to just fill the frame of the DX format APS-C sensor size used in Nikon D-Series SLR cameras. Those cameras have a mechanical shutter. With all other lenses autofocus does not work. All VR lenses are either traditional screw-type AF or AF-S, in which column you'll see how the other features work. All Nikon's pro cameras have had it since the F4 of 1988, and all digital cameras have it. The other modes can be made to work, but you're pushing your luck: the S mode works, however you have to set the shutter speed while in the M mode and there is no exposure information given, except if you're over or under as shown on the bar graphs. Therefore you'll need to check under every designation which applies. G eliminates many features with older cameras. Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8D doesn’t have auto focus motor inside the lens, so the auto-focus won’t work. For instance, the DX 10.5mm fisheye is both AF and G, and the 18-55mm II is AF-s and G, leaving open more potential avenues of incompatibility. Read less. This document can be used to confirm flash functions available such as those offered by CLS when a digital camera (D-SLR/C-DSC/A-CIL) or film camera (F-SLR) that has been released since 2003 is used with an external Nikon Speedlight. Tried an old AI 28mm, 70-210mm E, AF-S 17-35,24-120VR, and 105mmVR on my D800 all work perfectly as the chart : ) for D600. on March 5, 2013, J. Ramon Palacios (jrp) Nice chart. If your camera is too old, the focus system, even in manual mode, won't work at all, making the lens completely useless with no workaround. ** VR is a stand-alone feature. are they Pre -ai or ai? Thank you! (home conversions may not mount), D5600, D5500, D5300, D5200, D5100, D5000, D3300, D3200, D3100, D3000, D60, D40, D40x. Users of the Nikon D40 through Nikon D5500 cameras are probably aware of the fact that these cameras cannot autofocus with all Nikon-compatible lenses. Superior optical performance throughout the entire zoom range with adoption of a newly developed SR lens element. This chart and explanations are for me a good reference. N6006 (F-601) always blinks "Fee" with a G lens. Can you also include the latest 'AF-P' to the list? I would use manual light meter to determine exposure, then the manual focus and f/stop on the Novoflex, and shutter adjustment on the D200. VR is a very valuable stand-alone feature.   Search  Rotating screw coupling on mount. "D" and "G" type screw-focus introduced in 1992, Original screw-type autofocus introduced in 1986, Manual-focus with CPU contacts. on May 26, 2019. $179.00 $ 179. For aperture-priority automation with these ancient lenses if you have a modified F5 or F6 (or standard FE, F3 or F4), press the depth-of-field button and hold AE lock after you release the preview (stop-down) button.

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