Choose from "Drill Field Fries" as a side or in a basket, Sweet Potato Fries or the Loaded Drill Field Fries - fries topped with cheese, jalapeños, bacon and ranch dressing dipping sauce. Sure, JR's Fries at Central Market boasts plenty of good food – hot dogs, hamburger barbeque, fish sandwiches, and chicken pot pie – but the real star, the reason people flock to JR's, is the fries. Usually salted and eaten with some ketchup, it's a quick bite anytime, anywhere. Find Good FRIES & ONION RINGS Places Near Me - DDD Dine-In & Delivery Restaurants & places seen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Episodes Also referred to as chips or fried potatoes, these are a big hit across the world as a side serving to your meal. With 13 varieties, House of Fries’ loaded fry selection is unrivaled. Opt for the classic crinkle-cut chili cheese fries, or go for something new like the chicken bacon ranch fries, the beef fajita fries, or the philly cheesesteak fries with thinly sliced sirloin steak, grilled onions, and peppers under a blanket of cheddar. Top them with cheese and bacon or dip them in your favorite condiment. Places with Restaurants near Selinsgrove Hummels Wharf (3 miles) Shamokin Dam (4 miles) Dornsife (5 miles) Freeburg (5 miles) Kreamer (5 miles) Herndon (6 miles) Port Trevorton (6 miles) Sunbury (6 miles) Northumberland (7 miles) Rebuck (8 miles) More Types of Restaurants in Selinsgrove. Eat them plain. Their fries are cut fresh in-house every day, then fried to a perfect golden brown in pure canola oil. The delicious, hand cut French fries come in four sizes: Small, medium, large, and jumbo. When it comes to fries, Blacksburg Taphouse hits the mark. Places with Restaurants near Pell City Cropwell (3 miles) Riverside (5 miles) Cook Springs (6 miles) Wattsville (7 miles) Odenville (9 miles) Lincoln (10 miles) Brompton (11 miles) Moody (12 miles) Moody Town (12 miles) Margaret (13 miles)

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