• You must not be a school candidate. It will appear on all students’ certificates as a separately reported result, alongside the overall grade for the qualification. LONDON BROOKES HENDON – Tel: 0208 202 2007  /  exams@londonbrookescollege.co.uk. We also offer Edexcel and AQA Sciences without the practical endorsement, however knowledge of practical techniques is tested as part of the written exams. We are able to provide practical endorsements using the facilities at the University of Bristol. Campbell Harris can offer practical endorsement for the Biology, Chemistry and Physics A level qualifications. A minimum of 12 practical activities to be carried out by each student which, together, meet the requirements of Appendices 5b (Practical skills identified for direct assessment and developed through teaching and learning) and 5c (Use of apparatus and techniques) from the prescribed subject content, published by the Department for Education. To enter for CAIE GCE AS or A Level Science exams with us, the entry cost can be calculated as the per unit entry cost detailed on our Exam Entry Fees page PLUS the cost of one practical session to cover the practical examination (Paper 3). If a student fails to complete the targeted number of practicals in the designated lab session, further sessions will need to be purchased at an additional cost to the student. Please note that if you would like to do the science practical exams as a private candidate at our college you will need to do the whole science unit. Subjects which include a practical or spoken language endorsement are reported separately on certificates and don’t contribute to the A level or GCSE grade. SK10 1DD, Support and guidance of one of our expert science tutors. Some state that they will consider applications from those who have been unable to take the endorsement, while others say that the endorsement is always required, even for applications for unrelated subjects. You will also have the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in practical work, and to acquire transferable skills useful in your further study and beyond. Tutors & Exams, Wimbledon. develop these competencies by carrying out a minimum of 12 practical activities, which allow acquisition of the techniques outlined in the requirements of the specification; consistently and routinely exhibit the competencies listed in the CPAC before the completion of the A-level course; keep an appropriate record of their practical work, including their assessed practical activities; be able to demonstrate and/or record independent evidence of their competency, including evidence of independent application of investigative approaches and methods to practical work. Pembrokeshire College’s Practical Endorsement Workshops enable home educated students and private candidates the opportunity to complete the Practical Endorsement workshop in brand new state of the art science laboratories. Restrictions/special conditions for private candidates. These questions may draw on, or range beyond, the practical activities included in the specification. If you have previously sat a GCSE you may be able to ‘carry forward’ the coursework mark (please check with the exam board to see if this is possible before applying). Covering the 12 required core practicals for an A Level Practical Endorsement with AQA, Edexcel or OCR, or as a preparatory course in readiness for the CIE practical examinations. Private candidates If you don’t attend a Cambridge school, you can still enter our exams as a private candidate. Locations around UK including London, Wimbledon, Manchester, Coventry, Call 08007720256 or 07771212929 to book your exams As I did rather terribly for my A levels which I took last year, I am planning on retaking A levels as a private candidate this year. It will appear on all students’ certificates as a separately reported outcome (Pass/Unclassified), alongside the overall grade for the qualification. During the course, candidates will complete the 12 (tbc) practical tasks … £1600 per subject which includes 3 written papers and 12 practical endorsements. This comes primarily from the exams sector, working in large diverse inner city schools, at one of the country’s leading exam boards and as a consultant to OfQual. £1,260 for both written and Practicals, 10% discount for WH students. Practicals only offered in Wimbledon and Coventry at the present time, but written papers can be sat at Bolton centre. Completed over 6 dates. Many UK universities and further educational establishments require an applicant to have passed the practical endorsement in order to enter into an undergraduate course. Discounts for early booking. evaluate methods and quality of data and suggest possible improvements. A Level Science Practicals Practical Endorsement Exam Centres In light of recent changes to A Levels in the UK, the UK Biology, Chemistry and Physics A Levels now contain a separate Practical Endorsement, which is an assessment of a student’s skills and competency when completing the 12 A Level core practicals. This means, if you are due to be monitored this academic year, you'll be contacted by one of our monitors and they will let you know how to share files to allow them to review your teacher and student records. "We are an approved centre for the AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and CIE examination boards. TUTORS & EXAMS – COVENTRY, BOLTON AND WIMBLEDON – 10% discount for Wolsey Hall Students Tailor made to your needs, from primary level to post-graduate. ... can we still enter private candidates for the qualification? Our programme offers a high standard of support and teaching to help you complete the practical element of your A Level successfully. The required practical activities will be defined by each awarding organisation in their specification; Teachers will assess students using Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC) issued jointly by the awarding organisations. The practical endorsement is a required component of the qualification and all students will be entered for it, although the grade for the practical endorsement is reported separately from the written exam grade on the student’s A Level certificate. Below is a list of exam centres that offer the Science practical endorsement. GCSE Courses start in January. Compulsory endorsements. Practicals only offered in Wimbledon and Coventry at the present time, but written papers can be sat at Bolton centre. During my experience at Macclesfield Tutorial College, I recognised the high quality of teaching and the profound experience that you have. We accommodate all the standard subjects, and will try to accept entries for the less popular subjects too – just ask. Unless you book the complete number of required practicals (6 for AS Level, 12 for A Level), due to limited laboratory and tutor availability, we cannot guarantee timetabling of the minimum number of practical activities for a qualification with AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Cheshire All the staff were welcoming, friendly and professional. A day of laboratory time means consecutive morning and afternoon sessions. If a candidate does not pass, or opts to omit the practical endorsement, their final certificate will show the endorsement as “Unclassified”. We are offering A Level science practicals over 4 days (compulsory Lab Familiarisation, which includes 1 of the practicals. Availability for both the tutor and the laboratory will become increasingly difficult as the deadline for completing the endorsement is approached. We have outlined the different structures below to ensure you are well informed when making an application. Most universities will require this endorsement if you want to study a science subject at university. Link here. iii) Science Practicals Packages can only be used for a single subject (Eg. The staff were very helpful and the practical sessions were highly informative and also enjoyable. It is usual to take the written exam at the centre where you take your practical endorsement, but in certain circumstances written papers can be taken elsewhere but have to be sat at a centre which can also offer science practicals. Any private candidate who wishes to study for A-level Biology, Chemistry or Physics will have to find a school or college who are willing to carry out the required practicals and to assess them against the endorsement criteria. Tel: 02476 221008 / 07795 956677 /  enquiries@tutorsandexams.uk. June 2020. Completion of the minimum number of practicals. If you can get here, we will look after you. If the candidate wants to do the exam with the Practicals in June, please make an exam entry online on our exam portal before November to ensure a place. For GCE AS and A Level courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics with Edexcel, AQA and OCR, the assessment of practical skills is a compulsory requirement of the course. The College offers students the opportunity to study GCSE, GCE AS and Advanced Level courses with an extensive range of subjects and an excellent staff of experienced teachers. The first step is to identify the examining board for your A Levels. Undertake the A Level Science Practical Endorsement for as little as £900. For example, if you wish to apply for as AS science qualification the cost would be for entry to 2 units plus 6 practicals. MACCLESFIELD TUTORIAL COLLEGE – Contact Nicholas May Tel: 01625 501 440  /  office@experttutorials.co.uk. For a Private Candidate, taking the Practical Endorsement is NOT compulsory in order to obtain an overall grade, however, please note: If you choose to apply for an AQA, Edexcel or OCR AS/A Level Science qualification without attempting the practical endorsement, you will be required to complete and sign the Macclesfield Tutorial College Practical Endorsement Waiver form. £1400 for Science practicals, various options available. Science practicals £846, residential course. Contact Matthew Norman Tel: 01437 753191  /  m.norman@pembrokeshire.ac.uk. Most of PEMBROKESHIRE COLLEGE – 10% discount for Wolsey Hall students – use code HALL10 The practical endorsement tasks, included in the new A level sciences, require students to have the skills and knowledge required to work independently in the lab. In guidelines with the subject specification, we will carry out 12 Science Practicals for the A level Science Practical Endorsement (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) for Pearson and AQA. £925 practical only. If your chosen course includes an NEA element, call us free on 0800 389 2839 and we’ll be happy … A… **Please note that for A level Biology, Chemistry & Physics you will only be able to take WRITTEN papers here, provided that you can show us a Statement of Results including an endorsement confirming practical competence (PASS) from a previous examination session. Importantly, the science practicals do not count towards the final grade but overall, at least 15% of the marks for all A-level Science courses will require the assessment of practical skills. Practical Endorsement Workshops £800. You may, in some cases, be able to take the new science A-level exams without doing practical work, but this means your certificate won't have the "practical endorsement" on it. 9. 20 Cumberland Street, Macclesfield, Please contact our Exams Officer (UK), Nicky Murray, if you require further clarification. Centre Registration Fee £75. We accept private candidates taking examinations or tests at our examination centre from any part of the World. These courses are ideal for candidates undertaking the practical endorsement tasks in all science subjects. First, you will need to find a Cambridge school in your country that accepts private candidates and register with them to take Cambridge exams. Upon contacting MOE hotline, I was informed that my previous A level practical grades would not carry over and that I would have to retake the paper 4 (practical) again this year if I retook A levels as a private candidate. We accept applications from private candidates to undertake their A Level Science Practical Endorsement as well as written papers at Macclesfield Tutorial College. AS-level science qualifica… However, students can also demonstrate these competencies in any additional practical activity agreed and selected with the guidance of the tutor which covers the requirements of appendix 5c. Exams are offered in subjects where assessment is entirely through written exams - many GCSEs involve controlled assessment, which we cannot offer. We can confirm that for this academic year (2020/21), practical endorsement monitoring for A Level sciences will be carried out remotely. ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT CENTRE, BIRMINGHAM – Contact Taqeed Uddin Tel: 0121 777 9444  /  info@aectuition.co.uk. Macclesfield Tutorial College is an independent college and exam centre for private candidates. a practicals package cannot be split between biology and chemistry). £800 for Wolsey Hall students, including written papers and Practicals. The time table for the 12 endorsements per group is made available by November which helps students decide which group times best suits them. We do however make every effort to enable the candidate to complete the required practicals in the allotted time. There is likely to be a considerable cost attached to this. For GCE AS and A Level Science courses with Cambridge International Exams, candidates’ experimental skills will be assessed by way of practical examinations. Practical endorsements for Science A-level qualifications are optional and are ‘Pass/Fail’ rather than graded – however, it is worth noting that many universities will not accept students without endorsements onto science-based courses. • For Science subjects with Practical paper entry requirement: This includes A-level science practicals and GCSE English Language spoken language endorsement. Booking your A Level Examinations as a Private Candidate. manipulation, measurement and observation, collect, record and present observations, measurements and estimates, analyse and interpret data to reach conclusions. For private candidates, we recommend Cambridge Assessment International Education which has a two-hour practical exam as part of the AS and A Level specifications. As per the cross-board statement on CPAC: The assessment of practical skills is a compulsory requirement of the course of study for A-level qualifications in biology, chemistry and physics. © 2020 Wolsey Hall Oxford International Ltd. GCE A level Sciences GCE A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics are open to private candidates but it is not an easy or cheap option. Department for Education. The endorsement is reported separately. [/, Covering 1 of the required core practicals for an A Level Practical Endorsement with AQA, Edexcel or OCR, or as a CIE preparatory session, Practical Endorsement from AQA, EDEXCEL, OCR, Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE), Macclesfield Tutorial College – Planning for 2020/21, A Level Science – Practical Endorsement Classes 2019/2020. Three practicals day 1, … By purchasing an MTC Science Practicals class or package you have the opportunity to: It is a requirement of the UK examination regulator, Ofqual, and therefore each of the JCQ examination boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC), that a candidate be given the opportunity to take the Practical Endorsement at the same centre where they are entering the exams. In Paper 3 and Paper 5, the questions may be based on subject matter not included in the syllabus content, but candidates are assessed on their practical skills rather than their knowledge of theory. Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM – 7PM, SAT: 8AM – 1PM, A 4 day class in our laboratory covering the skills and techniques required for the A Level science practical endorsement, all for just ₤900 (T&Cs apply). We recommend that each student verifies whether that is the case for their preferred institution(s). Written exams, £75 per paper, plus board fees. I benefited from one to one tuition which ensured a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and practical aspects of the experiments. GREENES TUTORIAL COLLEGE – 10% discount for Wolsey Hall Students – vouchers available Practical skills feature prominently whichever board and A Level Science specification you choose but the precise requirements may vary. Please refer to this link for more information on this. For example, if you wish to apply for CAIE Biology 9700/AX the cost would be for entry to 5 units plus one practical session (correct as of Summer 2017 exam series). I have taken a Science subject with a practical component previously. Macclesfield Tutorial College is an independent college, tutor agency and examination centre. iGCSE, GCSE and A-Level Private Candidate Examination Centre Tutors & Exams offers you many years of education experience. The centre has the facilities for Non-Exam Assessments such as science practicals (including the A Level Science Practical Endorsement) and most language speaking examinations. Maybe travelling from Middlesbrough to Macclesfield and back on the same day was ambitious but I really think it worth the effort. When re-taking A Level subjects with Coursework, Speaking Test or Practical Endorsements, you must enter the same UCI (Unique Candidate Identifier) number that was used at the previous examination centre or school. Schools and colleges must provide the opportunity for all candidates, including private candidates, to complete NEAs/practical skills endorsement. A-Level Biology Practical Endorsement Designed for students studying A-Level Biology with OCR, AQA or Pearson Edexcel. Are you looking for a centre where you can gain your practical endorsement for Biology, Chemistry or Physics? ii) We endeavour to schedule each day of laboratory time at the candidate’s convenience but this is subject to laboratory and tutor availability (this does not apply for practical endorsement classes). For a complete A Level science qualification, the entry would be for 3 units plus 12 practicals. At Macclesfield Tutorial College we believe that it is the quality of teaching together with conscientious and diligent study that can produce an exceptional educational outcome. The Practical Endorsement covers all required practical skills. The Exam Boards state that candidates are expected to have completed 12 practicals for the A Level science practical endorsement in addition to the three examination papers. For information on when the practical sessions are offered, please contact the centre directly. Paper 3 will be a timetabled, laboratory-based practical paper including 2 or 3 experiments, focusing on the following experimental skills in timed conditions: We recommend that candidates undertake preparatory lab sessions in advance of the science practical exams in order to fully develop the skills and techniques which will be assessed. Overall, 15% – 25% of the marks for all A Level Science courses from AQA, Edexcel and OCR will examine the candidate’s knowledge of practical skills. Our tutors’ inspiring approach to education allows students their best prospect of academic success. £700 practical only. As science is a practical subject, Ofqual agreed with all the exam boards that every student taking an A-level in one of the three sciences must have carried out at least 12 required practical activities. # Applications for OCR English Literature will only be considered from candidates who have already received an AS or A level … Allows private candidates to sit A-level and GCSE practical and science exams, and language Speaking Assessments. The CPAC are based on the requirements of Appendices 5b and 5c of the subject content requirements published by the Department for Education, and define the minimum standard required for the achievement of a pass; Each student will keep an appropriate record of their practical work, including their assessed practical activities; Students who demonstrate the required standard across all the requirements of the CPAC will receive a ‘pass’ grade; There will be no separate assessment of practical skills for AS qualifications; Students will answer questions in the AS and A level examination papers that assess the requirements of Appendix 5a (Practical skills identified for indirect assessment and developed through teaching and learning) from the prescribed subject content, published by the. By completing an A level science practical course with Greene’s, you will satisfy the requirements for the A level practical endorsement. 3A Tutors Ltd specialises in providing private candidate examination entry for A-Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It will not contribute to the A Level grade. Science examinations with Cambridge International Examinations differ from those with AQA, Edexcel and OCR. I valued the company of the tutors who were very knowledgeable in their fields. Tel: 01865 248308 examsofficer@greenes.org.uk /  www.greenes.org.uk/educational-services/a-level-science-practicals/. ... What are the requirements for private candidates taking Science subjects with practical paper? If you book a package and are unable to adhere to the agreed timetable, the College cannot guarantee being able to reschedule any sessions missed which could, under certain circumstances, mean the endorsement is not passed. Is there a limit to the number of times I can take the GCE-Level examinations as a private candidate? Face to face or online lessons are available. Each session provides sufficient time for at least one practical and often two but this may vary dependent upon candidate ability and further sessions may be required. Welcome to the Immersive Practical A-Level Biology course at BioGrad. In each session, the number of practicals completed will be dependent upon candidate ability and speed. Covering 6 core practicals towards an A Level Practical Endorsement, to support an AS Level qualification with AQA, Edexcel or OCR, or as a preparatory course for the CIE practical examinations. Fees for 2020-2021 are yet to be set AS/A LEVEL Fee Late Fee Very Late Fee AS qualification £175 £185-£250 £260-£390 A Level qualification * £350 £370-£490 £510-£790 * Additional fees apply for A Level Science Practical Endorsement courses – please enquire. In order to be able to answer these questions, students need to have acquired competence in the appropriate areas of practical skills. 1) GCE A level private candidate registration requirements • You must be at least aged 17 as of January 1st of the year you are sitting for the examination. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website, by continuing you agree to accept them. To enter for AQA, Edexcel or OCR AS or A Level Science exams with us, the entry cost can be calculated as the per unit entry cost detailed on our Exam Entry Fees page PLUS the cost of at least 6 or 12 practicals respectively, if you opt to sit the practical endorsement. In light of recent changes to A Levels in the UK, the UK Biology, Chemistry and Physics A Levels now contain a separate Practical Endorsement, which is an assessment of a student’s skills and competency when completing the 12 A Level core practicals. £1,215 for both written and Practicals. At first glance, booking your A Level examinations as a Private Candidate can seem a bit daunting or overwhelming for students, but rest assured the whole process is far less scary and intimidating than you might think. We offer some GCSEs and most IGCSE exams for external candidates. We can register and accommodate private candidates for all exams, including Functional Skills, GCSE, Pre-U, A-Level, International Baccalaureate, University exams and many more. Lab sessions can also be booked as preparation for the CAIE practical exams. The College offers full and part time courses in GCSE and A-level subjects, private tuition and exams for private candidates. Written exams, £100 per paper. Candidates need to achieve an E grade, or better, or the subject will not be awarded a pass for the endorsement i.e. Covering 3 core practicals towards an A Level Practical Endorsement, to support an AS Level qualification with AQA, Edexcel or OCR, or as a preparatory course for the CIE practical examinations. Practical plus written paper £1040 per subject. A vast array of subjects, specifications and levels available, A leading private examination centre accredited with the main UK exam boards – AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC/Eduqas, Cambridge International, Working together to achieve your aims through flexible, full or part time study courses. If you are sitting a GCSE for the first time please confirm it does not have any coursework before making an application. Whichever option you choose, time spent in a laboratory honing your skills and techniques will be invaluable. PASCALS COLLEGE, BECKENHAM, KENT – Contact Mr Sinclair Tel: 0208 663 6733  /  admin@pascalscollege.co.uk. Non-exam assessment (NEA) appears in some of the new GCSE, AS and A-level qualifications. The JCQ Awarding Bodies, AQA, Edexcel and OCR, are consistent and assess candidates against Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC) whilst candidates selecting to follow a Cambridge International Examination (CAIE) specification will have their understanding and application of practical skills assessed during timetabled examinations. • Any specification re-sit where the coursework/NEA/practical mark can be carried forward (e.g English Spoken language endorsement, science practical endorsement for A level and GCSE required practicals, GCE English Language and Literature, History, Geography NEAs) • Written exam papers for transferred candidates. The arrangements for the assessment of practical skills are common to all awarding organisations. In addition, we have introduced a group/class fee of £900, on the condition that candidates are willing to work in groups and on our specific dates. As a private candidate, you must be entered to sit the written papers and the practical endorsement at the same exam centre. The A-level qualification has the following condition: Component 7405/C (practical skills endorsement) The entering centre must be able to make appropriate arrangements for the practical skills endorsement to be completed and assessed. £1700 advance payment for students wishing to take Practicals on dates which are convenient to them. 3 Written exams, £180. But you can still pass the A-Level even if you don’t pass the endorsement. Centre registration fee £60 (paid once per examination series). Private External candidate exam registration for GCSE, IGCSE, AS, A Level, Functional Skills for AQA, OCR, WJEC, Edexcel, CIE Exam boards resits. £925 practical only. You can apply to sit your practical endorsement with MTC and book laboratory sessions with one of our tutors. Please note that the fees below are for 2019-2020 for your reference. What this means is: I would like to say thank you for letting me do the EMPA exams and giving me many hours of Biology revision. These arrangements include: In order to achieve a pass, students will need to: The practical activities prescribed in the subject specification will provide opportunities for demonstrating competence in all the skills identified, together with the use of apparatus and techniques for each subject. Address: Grade U + Pass (practical skills endorsement) cannot be awarded. i) A laboratory session is a morning or afternoon session of approximately 3 hours. 12 Practical assessment tasks cost £720. Matthew Fagan: 07955203716  /  matthew.fagan@biograd.co.uk. If you have a private candidate entered for the GCSE English or A Level Science compulsory endorsements, our eProcessing team will send a declaration email asking you to confirm the candidate has been offered the opportunity to take the endorsement at your centre. www.greenes.org.uk/educational-services/a-level-science-practicals/. Candidates who are re-taking their A level science are able to take their written examinations at this centre, since the practical endorsement will be carried forward. Tutors & Exams, Coventry (discount for Wolsey Hall students), Tel: 02476 221008  /   enquiries@tutorsandexams.uk, Tutors & Exams, Bolton

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