One of the best ways to keep your Corys healthy is to maintain stable tank conditions. Their claws can make quick work of your Cory. A lot of the waste products in the water (including nitrates) are actually nutrients for the plants growing in your aquarium. I don’t know the sex of the last two spotted corys, because they just hang out in the hide/cave and only come out to eat. Albino Cory catfish have an interesting look that some tank owners want. Goldfish need coldwater tanks, Swordtails need tropical water, Mollies can live in either. As befits its scientific name, The Cory is protected with an armor consisting of bony plates that run along the length of its body. Many species have colors that allow them to blend into the browns of the riverbed, but some are pale (such as albinos) or shimmering (like the emerald Cory Catfish). In the wild Cory Catfish would be found among tetras, such as neon tetras or phantom tetras. Fish waste contains nitrate ammonia. The water in these environments is clear and warm, and this should be reflected in their tank. I have recently joined fishlore for some help with my aquarium. We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community. Often found in shoals in large community tanks, they are beautiful additions that bring personality to the lower levels of the tank. You then transfer the eggs to the fry tank where they hatch and grow. Other peaceful fish that will get along with Corydoras include colorful, live-bearing fish, such as guppies, platys, swordtails, and mollys. The Cory catfish is one of our most recommended freshwater fishes for aquarists of all experience levels. Which species is your favorite? They are also susceptible to a few diseases such as red blotch or ich. There really isn’t anything not to love about this fish! About Corydoras. (Summary), Best Reef Salt – Top 5 Tank Salt Ranked And Reviewed 2020. A planted aquarium will break the water flow too, as well as oxygenating the water and providing cover from the light. The fry won’t need your feeding for a few days, as their bodies naturally absorb nutrients from the attached egg sack. Snails eat algae and produce very little waste. They are only available from breeders as they are not a wild species. It cannot be paired with larger fish and should be given lots of hiding places. In their native habitat, Cory catfish scavenge the substrate for worms, larvae and small insects. Tips For Tank Setup With Cory Catfish And Other Fish. This approach is easier for you and less stressful on the adult fish; however, the fry may not have as good a chance of survival as they would with the dedicated breeding tank method. Learn more. This is one of the most common diseases in fish and can damage the gills and skin, threatening the fish’s respiratory system and potentially resulting in death. Even if your Corys don’t spawn in one day, they will within a few. Plecos in general produce a lot of waste and although they will tolerate poor water quality to some degree, it is not good for them and you should do whatever you can to fix it. Swordtail Fish Care Guide: Are These Lively Livebearers For You? They r small algae eaters, but they must b in groups of 3-4 or more. If not, replace about 25 to 50 percent of the water with that about 2 to 3 degrees cooler, which simulates the cool summer rainfall when they naturally breed in the wild. Their dorsal fins point upwards like a sail, but some varieties have more rounded fins. About once a week, the male trilineatus is hounding someone and we get a clutch laid by one female or the other. Plants to consider include amazon swords, crypts, penny warts, and dwarf hairgrass. Cory catfish are famous for their sweet temperament, which is one of the top reasons they’re so popular with aquarists. But I may be wrong. Cory fish can actually be put in several types of tank sizes. But my son and daughter say they saw the Cory carrying a … Cory Catfish originate from between the US east coast and the Andean mountains. The eggs should hatch between three and six days. They are smaller than the male trilineatus and I suspect they are beta males, and the plan is to separate the spotted and three-lined to take the pressure off. They are easy to care for and are also attractive and very peaceful. You will only see them leave the bottom of the tank when they dart to the surface in order to get some air. Corys will spend most of their active hours searching for food along the substrate, picking up sand with their mouths and filtering through it. They really need 30 gallons (~120 liters) or more. A 10-gallon tank is the bare minimum but you will need to go larger, preferably 20 or 30, if you keep several species.If you’re a beginning aquarist we recommend at least a 20 gallon tank if you have a school of five or more fish. Cory catfish like subdued lighting, and you can add floating plants in the aquarium. All information, content, materials on this site, or obtained from a website to which the site is linked are provided to you “as is” without warranty of any kind either express or implied. Copyright © 2020 - Fishkeeping World - All Rights Reserved. Be patient. They are active in the aquarium, but often shy compared to other Corys. You place the breeding group in this tank until they’ve spawned; and when they’re done, return the adults back to the main tank and leave the fry in the breeding tank where they’re more likely to survive. They are peaceful (almost shy) so pair well with these calm fish. The cory catfish need easy care, and it is mostly a bottom-dwelling fish. Sharp barbels under their eyes and in front of their dorsal fins, and the ability to move their eyes in a way that seems like winking, make them an exciting fish to keep. Cory Catfish are famously peaceful, and as they live at the bottom of the tank most of the time they can live out their own lives without interference. Varying according to species, the average Cory catfish size generally ranges in length from about 1 inch to over 4 inches, although older females will regularly exceed 3 inches in length. The best specimen should not be thin, as catfish Corydoras should be a little plump and have clear colorations and patterns. They tend to be a little smaller than average but only slightly. Always keep these levels at 0 ppm. They have a great personality and are easy to care for making them an ideal fish for beginners and experts alike. This American species is an active and peaceful member of community aquariums, best known for their unique attractive tail. Catfish. You can keep most cory catfish in a temperature range of 72-82 °F. They can be kept by [Continue reading …], Salt, along with water, are the first building blocks of your saltwater aquarium. I have a 25 gallon tank with one betta, 6 Cory catfish and 5 tetras. You might get lucky with Corys who eagerly spawn without your help. In the proper conditions, Cory Catfish can lay eggs weekly. Before you even set up your cory catfish community though, you need to find the right tank size. Make sure that their barbels are intact and their fins are not torn. For this reason, be extra careful when bringing them home. Filter shrimp (such as wood shrimps) and snails (such as nerite snails) can all live peacefully together. Tetras fish come in some dazzling colors and can bring more life than their size would suggest. Cory catfish spend most of their time at the very lowest levels of the water, so keep at least 2 inches of substrate on the bottom of the tank. They look fantastic, they’re easy to care for, and they are super friendly. Fish waste generally doesn't accumulate on the gravel unless you are massively over stocked, or are over feeding. Mar 30, 2011 40 0 0 Sunshine State. Another deciding factor when it comes to tank size is the behaviour of the fish. A happy fish is a healthy fish, and you’ll be happier too as you watch their water ballet moves! Bandit Cory. LiLi. Again, brightly colored fish that are peaceful and easy to care for. Cory Catfish are famously peaceful, and as they live at the bottom of the tank most of the time they can live out their own lives without interference. These fish are native to South America and regions east of the Andes Mountains extending all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Peppered Cory catfish are extremely popular and are what a lot of people are referring to when they talk about this species. Although a Cory can survive alone, it’ll be a lot happier if it can interact with others of its own kind. Another thought is, what temperature is your water at? But a minimum you want to have them in a ten-gallon tank. The fish grow to 1 to 2.5 inches in length, but they still need a lot of space to be comfortable. These fish live up to their dazzling reputation in every way. They’re found in tanks…, The 15 Best Types Of Freshwater Aquarium Catfish, Clown Loach Care: Tank Size, Food, Lifespan, Tank Mates…, Malaysian Trumpet Snail 101: Detailed Info & Care Tips, Bucktooth Tetra 101: Care, Feeding, Aggression, & More, Glowlight Tetra 101: Care, Tank Mates, Breeding & More, Lemon Tetra Care: Diet, Tank Mates, Size, Behavior…. Though many assume that because of their location a fast flow is required, they much prefer slower streams and inlets where they are sheltered from fast-moving water. Provide plenty of hiding spaces for the catfish to retreat if they want to escape the light. Give them what they want! Partial water changes should help keep nitrate low. Mixing them's not a problem, be careful of adding too many, most cory/community tanks have far too many fish, they present a significant bioload and do not make tanks cleaner, just change the form of waste. The Ultimate Hermit Crab Care Guide: Habitat, Food And Much More…, How To Take Care Of A Box Turtle – Ultimate Breed Guide List, 15+ Best Freshwater Shrimps For Aquariums, Eastern Box Turtle Complete Care Guide: Diet, Habitat And More…. 9 years ago. Cory catfish are armored, with a short face and a flat underside. As you can see, there are very little downsides to owning a Cory catfish. There are two basic approaches that you can choose: the dedicated breeding tank and the dedicated fry tank. Cory catfish can have cataracts too, thanks to these fungi. They are schooling fish so require a group – 6 is recommended. He is also a proud member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America and the Nature Conservancy. However, they also love high water flow where they can dance along with others of their species in the higher levels of the tank. If your tank is well lit for the benefit of your plants, then you need to float Water sprite or Water wisteria in a corner of the tank for shade. This is another kind that gets a lot of attention. When they’re schooling in groups of five or more, they’ll provide you with a synchronized water dance that is truly fascinating. Probably can also do the same with 6 of a species of the dwarf cories (habrosus, hastatus, pygmaeus) in a 15 gallon with an ancistrus. Being tropical fish, they require warmer waters at 70-78°F. Never keep Corys in a tank with aggressive fish. Quick Tip: When cleaning the tank or rearranging decorations, keep the stirring of the substrate to a minimum, as the decaying matter will pollute the water and release bacteria. Because these fish are very social, it’s best they can interact with their own species. Depending on the species, they can have as little as a 10 gallon or much larger if you intend to keep many species or larger shoals. They will also gladly eat vegetable matter that falls into the water. Its water pH level is within the range of 6.4 – 7.4. Welcome to Fishkeeping World. Like other Catfish, they have three pairs of barbels on their face which are used to detect food in the sand. Having multiple Corydoras in your tank also makes them much more fun to watch! Let us know in the comment section below…, The Best 50 Gallon Fish Tanks: The Definitive Guide. 1; 2; Next. Discus Fish Ultimate Care Guide: The King Of The Aquarium? Their horizontal pectoral fins allow them to comfortably rest on the substrate. Although they are hardy fish that don’t require a significant amount of special care, there are some basics that you need to be aware of. With such a great variety of species it is very easy to get confused. yld AC Members. Cory catfish lost barbels should I switch from Gravel to sand? If the gravel is sharp, then it can lead to cuts and infections. They will dig into the substrate with their mouths and sucks up the food, often digging so deep that much of their face can actually be covered! Anything less than that and growth will be stunted, water conditions will be poor and the fish will be stressed. They will eat most of the basic foods, such as flake food, but sinking pellets that sink to their level replicate their natural feeding habits better. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Changing their food source every few days will ensure they get a good variety of nutrients. The male trilineatus is quite the stud and has fathered babies with both the spotted cory and with his own three-lined partner. However, never allow the water temperature to drop below 65 degrees. We were able to save some of the eggs and raise 7 of the trilineatus x ambiacus in a separate container, and then saved some of the eggs from another pairing of the trilineatus and have about 11 trilineatus babies. Because of this, you will want to take extra care to make sure they are safe in your tank and aren’t paired with any other fish that can cause them harm. Sail-like in appearance, the fish’s vertical dorsal fin is generally pointed; however, it may be round in some species. The more common species can be purchased for only a few dollars each, whereas rarer species such as the Weitzmani or Adolfoi Cory Catfish can cost upwards of $30. Apr 7, 2011 #1 I have a Emerald Cory and I notice sometimes he just swim really fast to the top and go straight back down. They belong to the genus Corydoras, a group of over 170 described species of Catfish from South America. They have also been known to eat the small eggs of other species in the aquarium, so be wary of this if you hope to breed any of their tankmates. They prefer cooler waters and demand a higher quality of maintenance because their native rivers have mountain streams and meltwaters from mountain snow flowing into them. Corydoras habrosus, Corydoras hastatus, and Corydoras pygmaeus are three species of cory catfish that only reach about an inch in length. They have a very sharp and colorful green tone to their bodies that really light up in certain angles underwater. To [Continue reading …]. Aside from being harmful to the Cory itself, a stressed catfish can actually release toxins that are harmful to other fish in your tank, potentially even killing them. Also, make sure the tank water conditions at home are similar to those they’re used to. Granted, cory cats are worth their weight in clean-up detail, but as you say, they do produce waste just as the other fish do, so although their total 'bio-load' may be less than a fish of similar mass that simply eats what floats and poops, the bio-load does exist, so saying they don't count is silly (no offense to your friend) Cory cat fish are highly sociable and should be kept in groups as this is how they live in nature. Boasting one of the more beautiful colorations, these fish are iridescent green with pink highlights underneath. A 15 gallon tank is an ideal size for beginners and can look amazing. Go. They will often shy away while you clean but will emerge soon after you are finished. Cory Catfish are peaceful, easy to care for and often, one of the first fish that an enthusiast will get. If you are new to fishkeeping, make sure you follow our advice on setting up your fish tank before introducing any of these fish. Corydoras Catfish Water Conditions. Corydoras are pleasant and hardy fish that are very easy to care for. In fact, they’re one of the most popular…, Clown Loaches are one of the most popular freshwater fish in the aquarium scene. Named because of the black patches around their eyes, they also have a base color of white or orange, that reflects some green. Like most catfish, these guys are bottom dwellers that want to do their thing without disrupting others. They’re about as timid as it gets! I have a lot of Cryptocoryne in my tanks too. Fishkeeping world was created by a school of fish fanatics. The smallest ones are just over an inch and the largest is 4 inches long. Sometimes more difficult fish can be rewarding, but that experience isn’t for everyone. Partially change the water weekly to prevent nitrate buildup, which even in small amounts can make the fish more susceptible to disease, especially barbel infections. Also located on the face, three pairs of barbels that resemble whiskers help them find food in the substrate. This should be reflected in the aquarium by adjusting the filter to a weaker setting. They aren't a huge waste producers so I imagine 4 medium-sized, cories that are temp-compatible with ancistrus (ie pandas, bandits, julii) should be fine. Excessively stirring the substrate can also cause an increase in ammonia. Corydoras pygmaeus is one of the smallest Cory catfish species with only 1 inch of maximum height growth. This is not a difficult thing to do – in fact, Cory catfish are some of the easiest fish you can breed. Mayb Cory catfish. With so many species and colors available, you are sure to find the right one for your tank. If you want a fish that will really add a splash of color to your tank, you can’t go wrong with the Emerald Cory catfish. To keep your cory catfish healthy, do not forget to check them regularly. LED lighting is an excellent choice for both, as it lasts much longer and is cooler than traditional lighting. This is partly due to the neat looking green accents that you can see on their sides, and their passive nature. Plants and Cory catfish are a match made in heaven. Some common fish to avoid that fall into this category are: One common question that a lot of beginners have is if they can pair a Cory with a betta fish. I would get some shrimp they eat everything and are small waste producers. I am new to fishkeeping (4 months). They also have wide eyes with a clear ring around them, making them look aware and adorable. Coryadoras do not produce too much waste just the usual, however they are normally tropical but pet stores are doing more for cold water tanks. Many people decide to breed their Corydoras Catfish. They are hardy and easy to care for, making them a great choice for beginners. Corydoras should be fed once daily, and only given as much food as they can eat in 3-5 minutes. This makes them easy to pair with most community fish (more on this later). This means that as they grow, they are removing these waste products from the water, making the water safer for your fish. The Bandit Cory is a scaleless fish that is extremely peaceful despite its name. Captive-bred fish will need a pH between 7.0-7.8, whereas fish caught from the wild may need a lower pH (5.5-7.0). You will often find plants growing here, as well as trees overhead to provide sunshade and little hideaways. These fish will also enjoy bottom feeder tablets, shrimp pellets, and algae wafers. The trilineatus female dumped about 50 eggs again a couple days ago, but we left them in the tank…we’re out of space for new babies. They will spruce up the look and feel of your tank with their vibrant colors and get along with the other community fish in your tank. They have pectoral fins that stick out and rest on the surface, often propping themselves up with them. A classic addition to any freshwater aquarium, the Cory catfish is widely popular among aquarists ranging from beginner to experienced. There are over 160 species of these small fish, but before we get into the ins and outs of how to care for them, here is a simple table to help you decide if these are the fish for you. You will need to change 10-30% of your water week, and might as well vacuum the gravel while you are doing it. It gets … Try to occasionally vary the food you give these fish so they can get all the nutrients they need. Weekly water changes are also needed – you should aim to charge around 20% of the water. Cory cats don't as a rule eat algae. Most species live for around five years however, some live much longer (up to 20 years). Daphnia and bloodworms are excellent treats. The plants also provide an area shaded from the light, much as do trees in the fish’s native habitat. We have had only one baby avoid predation long enough to get big enough to be seen and evacuated. Corys can also live with other types of Catfish, such as ottos or plecs, or some other types of an animal such as snails or shrimps. Get the OTC medication to kill the fungi off. The smallest of the Corydoras, they will remain at around 1 inch long. If you can provide soft substrate, places to hide, and great water conditions in a community tank full of peaceful species then you have the beginnings of a great cory catfish tank. This care guide will give you a complete understanding of Corydoras and what needs to be done to help them live a long and happy life. They spend the majority of their time minding their own business at the bottom of the tank, peacefully scavenging for food or resting. corys do like to be kept in a group of +6, (rarely a problem as they are fastidious little fish). Hiyotada Scientific name: Corydoras paleatus Also known as: Blue Leopard Corydoras, Peppered Catfish, Peppered Cory Adult size: Males–2.5 inches (6.5 cm), Females–3 inches (7.5 cm) Lifespan: 5 years Minimum tank size: 15 gallon pH: 6.0–7.0 Hardness: to 12 degrees dGH Temperature: 72–78 degrees F (22–26 degrees C) Tankmates: Peaceful, best kept in schools with other smaller fish They will need feeding smaller foods and do better with dimmer lighting. They won’t attack others and will hide without defending themselves against their attackers. Choosing the right fish for your aquarium can be hard. Bloodworms and daphnia make great treats too. While all types of these fish are very peaceful, Green Cory catfish take it to another level. Ammonia and nitrite are extremely dangerous to fish and even in small amounts can prove fatal to Cory catfish. Aquarium Source is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Fish Keeping World is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and any other affiliated sites. Another problem due to over eating is the Cory catfish will produce excessive nitrate and ammonia into the water. However, they will reduce the growth of algae by consuming scraps in the tank – this reduces the growth of algae. Significant deviations from this range can result in stress and health issues. 1 of 2 Go to page. 0 1. This means they should be transported on their own and removed from the tank if they appear stressed and promptly placed into quarantine. A typical tropical fish, the Corydoras needs consistent water parameters that mimic their natural environment. They live in shallow streams with soft sediment and slow-moving water. Do you have any Corydoras? Mimic the Cory’s natural habitat of slow-moving, shallow streams and inlets with a weak filter setting and plenty of plants, including Java fern, crypts, hornwort, pennywort, Java moss, dwarf hairgrass or Amazon sword. When there is too much of it in the water, it will contaminant the water and could kill the fish. Bottom feeder tablets, shrimp pellets, and algae wafers are also good choices, although being omnivorous means they will accept flakes, as well. Snails are also big waste producers. Another no-no is the aquarium crayfish. We’re huge fans of this fish and we highly encourage you to give them a chance. Aggressive fish can attack, injure or even kill Cory catfish. Millie is a passionate aquarist who caught the fishkeeping bug in high school and has been addicted ever since. If you’re someone who likes a low-stress and aquarium experience, this is a great fish for you. They are bronze with black patches across their body – long-finned or albino varieties are also available. In addition, other types of aquarium catfish, including Otocinclus and plecos, will peacefully get along with your fish, as will fan and filter shrimp and freshwater snails. Lastly, be sure your tank is covered because these fish have a habit of jumping to the surface for a bite of food or a gulp of air. ... Plecos in general produce a lot of waste and although they will tolerate poor water quality to some degree, it is not good for them and you should do whatever you can to fix it. This makes them an attractive choice for beginners who are looking for that extra flare. After having my tank for almost 6 months now I have noticed just recently that my catfish has lost their barbels and I have read that it most likely is because of the gravel. They are short fish with small dots and some reticulated patterns on their top. They are bottom-dwelling and like to hide or rest during the day, but in the evening will shoal with other fish. Next Last. Stress can lead to barbel infections, so it is always best to monitor your water quality as well as their behavior. This means if you provide the proper care and do what it takes to ensure that they thrive, they should be with you for a while! This gives them a unique look that resembles a panda bear. Don’t let the common pet store name of this catfish fool you; it’s actually more accurately known as the false julii corydoras, three line cory, or leopard cory. Robert Woods is the creator of FishKeeping World, a third generation fish keeper and a graduate in animal welfare and behavior. The main coloring that is found on the peppered Cory is brown (ish) with some darker spots scattered all over their body. 1 1. It will need cleaning each week – this includes hovering excess waste from the gravel, and cleaning the glass of the aquarium. The fish’s short face features ringed wide, lovable eyes. They can also help keep the tank clean by scavenging for food. Hello everyone! High nitrate levels can cause stress in Corydoras, so test the water regularly and keep it at 0ppm. Also, be aware that Corydoras will occasionally eat small eggs of other fish species! Oscars and cichlids will often try and injure or eat Corys. The barb will be 3" and have issues without being in a group, but a group of them will be too much for your tank to handle. In addition, make sure any new water you add to the tank is dechlorinated. As is common with other species of fish, Cory catfish can become infected with Ich, or white spot disease. Can’t wait to see the how the cross looks, but they really look almost exactly like their mother, the spotted cory, at this time (1″ long).

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