Classroom example: A sixth-grade class produces Halloween costume plays. In planning and designing learning for students, this we know: Teaching students how to think is more important than teaching students what to think. Please tell us about the city you studied in or a city For instance, they have to come up with how a giant soda can and the superhero Wonder Woman will interact. Every textbook on creativity affirms to the importance of setting aside clearly defined time for creative thinking and innovation. (3) What would I do if I had a one-million-dollar investment to improve it? Teach students the other skills they need to be creative. All of them were created by teams of people who stayed together to conceive the idea, plan their innovative projects, take them to investors and the public, and most importantly jointly brainstorm those innovations within the team – bouncing ideas, questions and improvements until the product was perfected to become the next multi-billion dollar “eureka.”. Steve Jobs didn’t start with the idea of a smartphone. Mr Abazov enjoys collecting rare books on British exploration of Central Asia and reading travelogues on Central Asia and the Middle East by Eugene Schuyler, Vladimir Bartold and Lord George Curzon. Give your students time to work together. That said, I usually suggest my students build creative thinking around three “ifs”: (1) What would happen if I change it (the object/ system/ social relationship, etc)? He has also authored photo exhibitions about his trips to Central Asian republics, Turkey and Afghanistan. How to start your own business project at university, 10 Most Beautiful Places in Latin America, Find your perfect School and Program with our matching tool, Connect with other students on our forums. you want to study in by taking our quick survey. For example, for several semesters I kept asking my students, let us take a bicycle, think about it and ask the “three if” questions, so we can come up with a new idea. (2) What would I change or improve about this object if I wanted to use it in 10 years? When students create what they imagine, they’re in the driver’s seat. There is simple truth in the fact that Steve Jobs of Apple was great at exploring and explaining innovations based on existing products – laptops, cell phones, music players. What do the major innovative ideas of our time have in common, from Microsoft (well, when it was young) to Google? Learn to pitch your ideas (in an elevator). In addition to that, you can also choose one of the following tips to develop creative thinking if you are a student: Be open to your own ideas and don’t judge them critically. Let’s be clear about this – there are no universal recipes for innovation, and each person should develop her or his own approach depending on specialty, interest, type of thinking, or even the type of team s/he is participating in. 3. These questions can become powerful tools that can help you to think differently. Summer is the time for internships and summer jobs for many students, and it is also a great time to work on your creative thinking and innovation skills so you’ll be in good shape to get that dream job after graduation. The students love the challenge. It is important to exercise these skills by repeatedly using the “three ifs” formula (or designing your own set of questions) about all sorts of things. All too often we stay focused on the main task at hand, devoting our mental powers to routine actions (including Twitter and SMS – well, I am sometimes guilty of this too), so that at the end of the day the most creative idea we can come up with is just to finally take a break in front of the TV or computer screen. For some young people this is very natural, while for others it does not come so easily to be a team player. Another classroom example: A kindergarten class creates a new illustrated book each week that celebrates a different member of the class or an adult at the school. Everyone says that modern companies – including those which are most popular to work for – highly value innovative thinking and creativity. Here are six ways to improve your own creative thinking and innovation skills…. Classroom example: Fourth-grade students are presented with a sample of rocks. Do your creative thinking in an environment that is calm so that your creative thinking process does not … All rights reserved. Imagination and creativity are the traits that fuel the future. He has written 10 books, including The Culture and Customs of the Central Asian Republics (2007) and has regularly contributed op-eds to The New York Times. In my work in schools, I’ve found four things that successful teachers do to develop creativity in their students. He just took an existing cell phone and asked a very simple question: how can we improve it to make it better – or the best? The first is that we don’t practice dreaming, and the second is we don’t practice focusing on cohesive ideas. And many new ideas will pop up. When Benjamin Bloom identified what he called the taxonomy of the cognitive domain, he ranked synthesis (creativity) as one of the most difficult skills to master because a person has to use all of the other cognitive skills in the creative process. They have the full liberty of depicting what the person likes and how they perceive him or her. When designing learning experiences, teachers can plan and frame curriculum and provide tools that give students options, voice, and choice in order to enable them to be creative. Whatever you’re doing – whether it’s work or leisure – practice spending time applying the “three ifs” formula to anything you see or imagine. Sound familiar? The problem is, how can you be creative without failing, looking stupid or repeating what others have already suggested a hundred times? We appreciate and yearn for it because it enriches our understanding and can make life easier. Therefore, the next rule of creative thinking is very simple: allocate time – it might be an hour per day or per week – in which to exercise creative thinking about something specific. 1. Gene Roddenberry imagined the Star Trek flip communicators in 1966, and Motorola produced them in 1996. There are two reasons for this stalemate. Creativity is a valuable skill, and there are common strategies teachers can use to help students develop it. Many good innovators take an existing object and ask clever questions to twist the very concept of it and make it new. For last few years I have been talking to various startups and have heard many interesting recipes for innovation. The teacher asks one question to get them started, “Does only water freeze?” The students then design an experiment to determine what other things freeze. Set up learning activities that allow students to explore their creativity in relevant, interesting, and worthwhile ways. Each book is full of pages drawn by each student. Therefore, the next rule of creative thinking is very simple: allocate time – it might be an hour per day or per week – in which to exercise creative thinking about something specific. Students find their own ways to determine differences in hardness, color, and shapes. Classroom example: Third-grade students are learning about polygons and to see if they know the concept, the teacher takes them outside and gives each student a sidewalk chalk. Thanks. The limit is that they can only use what they have in the classroom at the time. All rights reserved. The students come up with a list of things that they will leave outside to see if they freeze: water, juice, vinegar, glue, glass cleaner, toothpaste, and paper. 4. But often, even if we show up ready to innovate, still something doesn’t work and fresh ideas fail to pop up like popcorn. However, after several rounds of discussions and brainstorming they began to come up with many new creative ideas. This will help you get into the habit of making space in your mind for dreaming – essential for creative thinking and innovation. Each student is given the task of drawing several examples of polygons on the driveway. Edutopia® and Lucas Education Research™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of the George Lucas Educational Foundation in the U.S. and other countries. Since, according to Bloom, creating is the highest order of thinking, it should be in the forefront of all learning environments and an end goal. In my work in schools, I’ve found four things that successful teachers do to develop creativity in their students. It sounds so simple, and yet in this era of information overload and highly charged urban life, this important element is often missing from our everyday lives. Classroom example: A second-grade class is learning about the concept of freezing. A colleague told me that when he was a student many years ago he started musing about mobile phones – what they would be in 10 and 20 years’ time. Already at college his essays on this topic won much praise, and after college he got a cool job designing apps for phones to make them much smarter and attractive for “millennials”. Classroom example: Fourth-grade students are presented with a sample of rocks. In the mid 1800s, Augusta Ada King envisioned a language for computing machines that didn’t even exist; today she is honored as the founder of modern programing languages. Encourage them to find the solution to a problem together as a team of workers. The greatest paradox is that creative thinking is not necessarily the product of IQ or enlightenment via the proverbial apple falling on your head. Set up learning activities that allow students to explore their creativity in relevant, interesting, and worthwhile ways. They are to devise tests to determine what kind of rocks they have based on the definitions they’ve studied. Both serve to inspire students and should be integrated into every part of learning. Initially the students strongly resisted and were very skeptical. Remove constraints for creativity and give the students space and a framework in which they can be creative. Once the students have accomplished this, the teacher tells the students to transform those shapes into something they love. For example, Google asks its teams to allocate at least 20% of their time to creative thinking or new projects. Dr Rafis Abazov is a visiting professor at Al Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan, where he also manages a joint program with Earth Institute of Columbia University (New York, USA). Therefore, a final important asset to add to your innovation skillset, is the ability to be a valuable team player, capable of bouncing ideas to the next level. Please login or register to post comment above our articles, Great way to understand gain some knowledge about that. Creativity is the most difficult thinking skill to acquire, and also the most sought-after. Creativity always starts with imagination, and history shows that many things we imagine are later actually created. © QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited 1994 - 2020. Value creativity and celebrate and reward it. But it is never too late to train yourself in this mode of interacting. Make time for cohesive creative thinking, 4. Like any other skill, the ability to articulate in this way can only come through much practice. To me creative thinking is more than improving what already exists? It is a matter of regularly training your imagination, practicing your powers of observation and dreaming, big or small. 2. Communication and collaboration will spur on critical and creative thinking. There is an old saying, “If you cannot express your idea in three sentences – you don’t have an idea!” One of the most important innovation skills is the ability to present a very short and clear description of a new idea (two to three sentences – like shouting through the closing door of an elevator) and to make a short presentation (two to three minutes – what is called an “elevator pitch”). On many occasions I hear from my students, “But I had that idea first” or “I proposed something like that just recently and nobody listened to me.” In this situation I always highlight the bottom line – probably you did have a wonderful idea, but you didn’t express yourself clearly and excitingly enough to grab people’s attention, or help others to grasp the nature of your innovation or project. Some suggestions they decide are already solids and shouldn’t go outside: pencils, erasers, and books (but somehow paper stays on the test list). He didn’t invent those products, but he made them better and he was great at explaining why his version was superior to other competing goods. We value it in our music, entertainment, technology, and other aspects of our existence. The follow-up discussion encourages deductive reasoning and active listening. A colleague told me that when he was a student many years ago he started musing about mobile phones – what they would be in 10 and 20 years’ time. Even a great innovator needs people around her or him to discuss – or “bounce” – new creative ideas and innovations. QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited 1994 - 2020. The initial discussion among students about what might freeze fosters skills such as advocating for one’s ideas and compromising. The students want to show everyone their geometric-based kittens, robots, and dragons and then have an opportunity to explain to the whole class why they liked them. Students are more successful by sharing their ideas and talents with a group. We narrowed down those innovations into small course projects and my students’ teams won several cash awards to implement their creative ideas. Contact info: Office 1400 Rectorat, 71 Al Farabi Ave., Al Farabi KazNU, Almaty, 050040, Kazakhstan, Use at least 6 characters and one numeral, 3. 1. In order to wear costumes to school, the students have to write a play that incorporates each of their characters into a plot and then present the play. The next day, they discuss their findings and have engaging conversations about why the paper is stiff and the vinegar has not frozen.

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