Light, sandy soil best but will grow in most locations. The plant is self-fertile. It likes the shady north side of a fence we have. Sergei Boutenko demonstrates how easy it is to harvest wild-growing miner's lettuce (a common wild edible) vs. going to a grocery store to buy produce. Category Honestly, I wouldn’t exactly class it with survival food or campfire beans. Growing Tips. At this time, you can start enjoying some of the plant's crisp green leaves while letting the plant continue to grow. Your email address will not be published. Or enjoy your lettuces over a longer period by cutting just a few leaves from each plant at a time. The great thing about harvesting lettuce this way is that you get a longer supply of lettuce leaves. The variety of lettuce you grow often determines how early it’s ready to harvest. I assume that it would hold up well, being of a similar texture. The other thing I love about it is that it’s superbly cold-tolerant; I can keep it going under hoops deep into the winter. The effect is tart, smooth, a little crunchy, and very “green” tasting. It’s starting to flower! Companions. It starts to make it’s appearance once the rains come, December through April is usually the best season in Northern California. Combine this with stinging nettles and you have everything you need to revive your system from a winter’s worth of heavy meats, dried grains and roots. I wonder if they just didn’t recognize the plant in its natural setting? Miner’s lettuce is also known as winter purslane (they’re both in the portulaca family) and if you have ever eaten regular summer purslane, you can appreciate the succulent texture of this plant. Just had mine with some scrambled eggs. Required fields are marked *. For planting the miner’s lettuce, you can either scatter the seeds over the prepared bed or plant the seeds in rows. Have chewed on miner’s lettuce since a small boy and have always loved it. When to Find Miner’s Lettuce The duration of the miner’s lettuce season depends on how shady and how wet it is. Quickly regrows after harvest. The roommate brought home a giant bag of miner’s lettuce he’d collected from his work the other day and we’ve been munching it all week! In 430 BC (2447 years ago) Hippocrates, known as the Father of Modern Medicine, wrote about the pain-relieving effects of the plant’s milky sap.By the 1800s, it had reached America. Yes, tolerates mild frosts. We usually harvest greens in the early morning hours when the dew is still fresh on their leaves. Meanwhile, I’m letting it get to a good size and then pulling it up and eating lots of miner’s lettuce salads, and selling bags of it to chefs in the city. A few years ago, when I wanted miners lettuce for the kitchen, I had to order it from special purveyors on the West Coast, and it would usually come in anywhere from 10-20$/lb-an insanely high price for salad greens, but, as a chef that values wild ingredients, and hates micro greens, miner’s lettuce gave me another green to use as a garnish that was unique, beautiful, and delicate. Description/Taste Miner’s lettuce is small in size consisting of slender, trailing vines that have round, disk-like leaves. Crisphead lettuce is picked when the center is firm. Miscellaneous Soil. If my compost pile has nothing else it must have plenty of nitrogen! Spacing. Also, you can plant each week or every other week to get a continuous revolving leaf lettuce harvest. After the plant has bloomed,there is a small white or pinkish colour flower growing on top of its rounded leaves. The best time to gather the plant is between February and May. I am visiting my mother and we just had a delicious Miner’s Lettuce salad. I have Miner’s Lettuce seeds that I got from Baker Creek Seeds and I am looking for the best spots in my edible landscape to sow them. It’s best to harvest lettuce in the morning before leaves have been exposed to sun. Miner's lettuce is occasionally cultivated as a salad plant [1, 46]. Tips: Fresh Miner’s lettuce is perfect for a petite salad or as an accouterment to appetizer plates and first courses. But now I live in Germany and several years ago Miner’s Lettuce started showing up in health food stores. I saw some while I was reading meters yesterday. You really get to know a green when you do this, and you don’t want to dress such a salad too heavily; just a light coating is all. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you may be able to harvest wild growing Miner's lettuce. That is why Agricultural Research Service (ARS) plant geneticists Beiquan Mou and Edward Ryder developed the first leafminer-resistant green leaf lettuce. The best time to gather the plant is between February and May. By late February, everything that’s not concrete is green, greener than anything you can imagine. Foraging for Wild Miner's Lettuce. It is the Time of Salads. It prefers cool, but not freezing temperatures. You should harvest only at the time of day that puts the least stress on the plant. But although you may know how to plant it, you may not know when to harvest lettuce & how to do it correctly! Slug damage to lettuce How to Harvest Lettuce. Simply snip either single outer leaves or grab a bunch of them and cut them with shears or scissors an inch above the crown of the plant. Because it’s a reliable self-seeder, you should only have to plant it once. FatStupidAmerican: Best screen name ever…. How good it was for you. You can use scissors to cut everything about 2-5cm (1-2″) from the ground, when the plants are about 10-15cm (3-4″) tall. What a treat. Yes, tolerates mild frosts. SEED SPECS: SEEDS/OZ. Farmers typically harvest lettuce in the early morning hours just before or at sunrise. We are in the South Bay? It’s great with a quick nutritional yeast/soy/garlic dressing, too. Miscellaneous Soil. It’s early for miner’s lettuce still. Step #1: Harvest only in the coldest part of your day. And no wild salad green is more important than miner’s lettuce, Claytonia perfoliata. DIRECT SEEDING RATE: 1 oz./ 400'. Here are some common varieties and their features: Dragoon (55-68 days to harvest) – A dense headed, mini green Romaine. Don’t be afraid to talk to people about harvesting their weeds. However, I was hiking yesterday near Post Falls, Idaho, and I came to a spot right next to the trail where I found several plants. The plants will re-grow readily for continuous harvest. Fairly bolt … The best leaves grow under trees. Foraging Miner’s Lettuce, America’s Gift to Salad. Here are some basic tips to follow to ensure that you get a lot more lettuce from your buttercrunch harvest. I wish I could find it. Once you identify a patch of fresh miners lettuce, you will most likely find many bountiful patches growing very close by if you hike around a bit. PACKET: 500 seeds, sows 20'. I have acres of it at home!” I thought. People pay money for this stuff? Average daily amounts of vit.C varies by country from 40mgs-100mgs.In the above “100gm” amount,it would be difficult to determine the mg. amount of vit-C,however,in emergency,i.e.,scurvy,it’s moot. I can get all the Miner’s Lettuce and Purslane (a close cousin that loves heat, drought, and poor soil) I want within walking distance of my house! So long as you are at least 100 feet from a roadside or conventional farm field, have at it. Landscapers hate claytonia and will often spray it. Look for Miner's lettuce growing wild around trees, rocks and shrubs. Claytonia is tasty, crisp and worth growing in your own garden to complement spring salads. Miner’s lettuce was so important as a source of Vitamin C that the British planted it in Cuba and, later, in Australia. I live in Surrey England. She explained that when she lived in Germany, she used to buy it at the Farmers Market. At this time the plant is plump and full of moisture. Generally 10-12° C temperature is considered best for sowing the seeds. Easy to harvest, Buttercrunch lettuce will take between 55 to 60 days to reach maturity. It prefers cool, but not freezing temperatures. Read the seed packet to find out how far apart to sow your seeds. How To Harvest AeroGarden Lettuce. long, you can begin harvesting leaf lettuce. Miner’s lettuce is a delicious wild salad green in some parts of the world, and in other parts (including my part) can be grown through the colder months. Approximately 525 seeds per ¼ gram. Sun or partial shade preferred. It is a thick carpet! But it's also a fantastic winter green in the warmer climate zones where this plant is … AeroGarden lettuce grows back quickly and can be harvested 2-3 times a week. Marianne: I am in the Sierra Foothills near Sacramento. According to Hortus Kewensis, an 1811 catalog of everything growing in England’s famous Kew Gardens, the great Scots naturalist Archibald Menzies discovered miner’s lettuce on the West Coast of America in 1794, not 1749, and he brought seeds back to Kew, where it flourished. Even dazzling urbanites seem to know it, possibly recalling dim memories of summer camps gone by, or of a fancy Alice Waters salad they might have enjoyed at Chez Panisse back in 1989 or something. Nearly all our edible household weeds are of European origin: dandelion, plantain, most thistles, chickweed, purslane, mallow, cat’s ear, garlic mustard, shepherd’s purse. Everything You Need to Know About Your Lettuce Harvest 1. Late winter and early spring are difficult times for vegetable growing, but these two nutrient-filled greens love it. Knowing that you planted it from seed, cared for it, and then harvested it, just makes it taste that much sweeter! Harvest, Care, and Preparation. In mild climates, Miner’s Lettuce can be sown in the late Summer/early Fall for harvest all Winter long. Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils, prefers well-drained soil and can grow in nutritionally poor soil. I want to plant it in my yard but need to gather some seeds first. It is not frost tender. Learn about spring harvesting of waterleaf, nettles, miner's lettuce, watercress, wild lettuce, sow thistle and ferns. Frost tolerant. Never knew it existed. Storage. It thrives in partial shade and oftentimes near creeks. It can also be planted in the Spring, to be harvested until the heat of the Summer (heat can make the leaves less tender and more bitter). Keep Watching...Wild Edibles with Sergei: Foraging: Weeds and Wild Edibles of the World: Mushrooms 101: Mushrooms: Miner's Lettuce is so Yummy: Green Smoothie Challenge: Sergei's home on the internet: My wild edibles book: I get all my royalty-free music here: Miscellaneous Soil. Best Time for Growing Miner’s Lettuce. Follow me on Instagram and on Facebook. Our climate is pretty much the same, a bit colder in winters. It is considered an annual, but easily spreads its seeds so tends to … Pick from February to May, but you will need to find deeper, cooler, places the later you go. Undeservedly so. How to Harvest Lettuce. I am a chef, author, and yes, hunter, angler, gardener, forager and cook. Continue to water miner's lettuce one or two times a week for the first month and during hot, dry weather. All of these qualities impressed early explorers so much they saved the seeds of Claytonia perfoliata and brought them back to Europe to grow, first as a curiosity, then as a food plant. Let’s face it, when it comes to the salad course, miner’s lettuce is the king of our indigenous cuisine. Typically, gardeners would harvest the crown and its surrounding leaves once … Chiles and some squash and beans can qualify, but they are more Central American. Position. Sow successional every 3 weeks for a continual harvest until mid-spring or later in mild climates. Sarah Galvin (All Our Fingers in the Pie) says. By mid-century it was being sold by seedsmen as a salad green and potherb — and was rapidly becoming a weed in England. Wild rice, turkey, cranberries, jerusalem artichokes for sure. According to the USDA, miner’s lettuce has naturalized in a few places east of the Plains, notably Ohio, Georgia and New Hampshire. : Avg. Have you ever tried this? I’ve been munching on Miner’s Lettuce on our Auburn, CA property since I was a child. Probably the most cold tolerant of the greens, Miner's Lettuce will grow year-round in the cloche, greenhouse, or even unprotected in the maritime Northwest.

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